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Not fun... forced myself to finish

posted by prisoner6 (ATLANTA, GA) Sep 29, 2010

Member since Mar 2008

Many of the mini-games were mind-numbing (carry some boxes for your mother, move some old papers from a door, find blue things in the house) and did not really move forward the plot. The cinema sequences fast-forward the timeline but also eliminate what could be interesting confrontations. No bosses here. No really gameplay beyond mini-games.

When I watched the movie, I really could see tons of awesome gameplay ideas, but this game followed none of them. Even the end finding the ghost children eyes was abbreviated into ridiculous, segmented minigames (avoid the grasshopper machine, close the other world door).

If you haven't seen the movie or read the book, the game makes little sense as it doesn't even bother trying to tell the story. So the gameplay is bad and the story is irreparably fragmented. When considering a game based on a movie, you'd think they'd get one of these components right. But no.

Good news are the graphics, atmosphere and music.

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GF Rating


Just don't.

posted by StarGamer (LUCERNEMINES, PA) Apr 8, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

The game, in a nutshell, is a handful of unoriginal, sometimes horribly bad minigames with an environment and storyline that gives a vague nod to the movie. The graphics are dated, the controls make even the simplest tasks seem more difficult (using the analog stick to move choppily from one target to another in slingshot games) and there are a series of button-pushing challenges that involve coordination and speed with little rhyme or reason. Unlike other users, I had no trouble in getting to the end of the game, however when I made it to the "boss" at the end, it took over ten minutes to get through the button sequencing because even when I hit the correct buttons, it would make me restart randomly about 70% of the time.

To top it all off, this game is extremely short. If you don't re-play mini games time and time again, you can finish this game in under 3 hours.

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GF Rating



posted by breath4sou (HOWARD, OH) Oct 11, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

I will admit, we didn't play this game very long. We are weekend players so we tend to decide if we like a game fairly quickly. The visuals were nice, especially in the story parts. Moving about the world looked more like moving in slow motion or through water. I'm not sure why the game is rated 10+ except that it tries to carry through on the eerie/ creepiness that is in the movie. For the beginning of the game you watch someone take a doll apart then put it back together. The tasks at least in the beginning of the game seem like they would only challenge a child much younger than ten. For instance, scavenger hunting objects and organizing books in alphabetical order. If there are more challenging parts to the game, you will have to at least tolerate these tasks to get to them. So if you like a slow paced game where you can run in slow motion around a house and do simple tasks then you should give this one a try. The atmosphere and story pieces seem to stay true to the movie.

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