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great reason to own a ds

posted by drunkyb (FORT WORTH, TX) Sep 20, 2006

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This game is a perfect example of the style of gaming only achievable on the Nintendo DS. The premise of the game is exactly what it looks like : you make food using the stylus (and mic to cool down the food) under a time limit, and unlock new recipies as you complete each meal with success. Midway through mostly every meal you have the option to add or take away ingredients to make a new version of whatever it is you started with (for example, when youre making boiled rice, you can simply choose to add bamboo to make an entirely different dish). The graphics are cartoon-ish and fun, the music is bouncy and fun, and this game in general is very fun. I advise you find a way to buy it asap, I imagine it will become a rare title quickly due to the unique nature, and with a price tag of only 19.99 you have absolutely no reason not to. A +, a great example of a unique title only this system can provide.

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Above Average

So-So Cuisine

posted by SonicSling (FREMONT, CA) Dec 28, 2006

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This game grabbed my attention the moment i heard about it.They made a game about cooking?!I must try this.When i first started playing i thought this was one of the neatest games around.I had never played anything like it before(and i've been playing games all my life).This excitement wore off quickly for me.I found myself getting very frustrated on some of the recipes.Either the timer moved faster than i could figure out what the game wanted me to do,or it would not respond to some of the bottom screen commands(kneeding really annoyed me). It also urked me when i failed at making ramen noodles 2 times because of the over exited timer.Besides my major complaints,it just felt like i was doing the same thing over and over and over again just on a different recipe.I put this game down almost as fast as i picked it up.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Simple Fun for the Chef in You

posted by lazygamer (Northridge, CA) Jan 9, 2007

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Gotta hand it Nintendo for giving the greenlight for a game based on cooking! This is casual gaming at its best: Jump in, "cook" using the touch screen, jump out. Portable gaming really hasn't been easier. On the other hand, don't expect too much from it. You aren't going to learn any new recipes for application in the real world (it's not a simulator). The graphics are cute but simple, befitting of a game with the word "Mama" in it. Need a better idea of the game? Think "Trauma Center" minus the cancer and hot nurses.
Cooking Mama us a great touch game, utilizing different touch elements from chopping vegetables (tapping), to cutting meat (sliding), to adding ingredients (timed taps) and adjusting stove settings (ditto). "Mama" is there to offer praise or motherly guilt on how you did.
If you do well, you unlock more dishes to prepare and these have different styles (you can add an alternate ingredient to make it "Japanese"). Bronze-Silver-Gold medals are awarded based on performance. Though usually responsive, I experienced a few glitches where the game didn't register a chop or slice. Most of the dishes are Asian themed, so expect to see some exotic ingredients (e.g. octopus).
Already on track for a Wii version, I would not be surprised if a DS sequel follows. If so, it would be nice to see a multiplayer "Iron Chef" competition or the pressure in a restaurant setting with patrons remarking on the food. Perhaps a health inspector?

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