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Cooking Mama: World Kitchen


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Adorable and... finally REALLY fun

posted by elexaish (COCOA, FL) Dec 24, 2008

Member since Aug 2008

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I loved Cooking Mama: Cook Off. I bought it when I first bought my Wii and beat it within a few weeks, but found it basically impossible to play again. This week, I got Cooking Mama: World Kitchen and was totally taken aback - this game is both way more fun than Cook Off and completely adorable. This time, you make your own mini chef and Mama helps you when you make a mistake, often with hilarious results. Even my sister, who was initially incredulous, was won over by the reactions of Mama after a mishap. Also, Mama is way more encouraging and talkative in this game than in Cook Off.

There IS a 2 player mode, where you work together to make a certain number of food items.

If you loved Cook Off, this is pleasantly a better, more entertaining game.

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GF Rating

Very Good

You're in for a Workout!

posted by RedChamber (MADISONVILLE, LA) Feb 12, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

This is one of those games you play with a bunch of your friends one evening, with nothing else to do. It's an incredibly fun time-killer if you don't look at it objectively, as some people insist on doing.

Sure, the controls can be frustratingly unresponsive at times, but that seems to be the case with plenty of other Wii games.

The voice acting is hilarious, and the cartoony graphics lend you this carefree, silly atmosphere... even as you're furiously cranking your arm, trying to open up a can of tomatoes before the clock runs out!

That said, the time limits for some of the tasks can be a little unforgiving, while there seems to be a ridiculously long amount of time for other tasks. Also, there's no way you can play through the game blazing a trail of gold marks behind you, as the instructions for slicing, dicing, stirring, and mixing are unbelievably vague. There's no text telling you what to do; only a little pictogram hinting at the proper way to get things done. A lot of trail-and-error, basically.

In my opinion, however, the difficulty level for the game is just as it should be. Were it any easier, it just wouldn't be as fun. The diversity in actual gameplay is a bit lacking, as it's pretty much the same mechanics and manuevers over and over again. But as long as you're having a good time with it, who cares? After all, it isn't a game you sit down with and obsess over getting that flawless score. It's all about laughing at your buds as they try to pull off some ridiculous trick, trying in vain to make that time limit! I'd compare it to WiiSports in that respect more than anything else, as it's a game that'd prove a little lackluster if played alone.

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Very Good

It Was Okay

posted by jflint (HUNTSVILLE, AL) May 5, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

Cooking mama was okay, I think i enjoyed it more on the ds.

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