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A "World Kitchen" fit for a select few

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jan 15, 2009

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Cooking Mama's one of the first "cooking" games to hit the market, and the premise is simple; use the controls to slice, bake, roll, flatten and do other tasks to make dishes.
In single player mode, you pick a recipe from a list given. From there, you perform the steps needed to make the dish.
Each step is a minigame where you slice, bake, flatten, or do some other culinary task by using simple motions of the Wiimote. Do it well, and Mama will be happy.
Do it badly and her eyes will light up with the flames of anger.
At the end of each dish, you get a score from 1 to 100, and unlock a new dish for you to make sometime in the future.
With about 300 dishes to play with, content is no problem with Cooking Mama: World Kitchen. There's always another dish to be discovered.
There's also co-op play where you make dishes with one friend, or you play a co-op minigame with one friend.
But the gameplay can get stale faster than day old bread. All you do here is make dishes and more dishes and even more dishes. It gets very repetitive.
The question is: Do you love cooking games? If you do, then rent it and give it a try. If not, then stay away from Cooking Mama: World Kitchen.

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Adorable and... finally REALLY fun

posted by elexaish (COCOA, FL) Dec 24, 2008

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I loved Cooking Mama: Cook Off. I bought it when I first bought my Wii and beat it within a few weeks, but found it basically impossible to play again. This week, I got Cooking Mama: World Kitchen and was totally taken aback - this game is both way more fun than Cook Off and completely adorable. This time, you make your own mini chef and Mama helps you when you make a mistake, often with hilarious results. Even my sister, who was initially incredulous, was won over by the reactions of Mama after a mishap. Also, Mama is way more encouraging and talkative in this game than in Cook Off.

There IS a 2 player mode, where you work together to make a certain number of food items.

If you loved Cook Off, this is pleasantly a better, more entertaining game.

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Really Bad

Cooking Mama fails to whet this appetite

posted by rebel47 (CRAWFORD, TX) Jan 23, 2009

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I've played all previous Cooking Mama games whether that be on the DS or the first Cooking Mama on the Wii, and I absolutely loved them! This game, however, absolutely stunk. I actually rented the game to show my sister how fun the games could be, but instead, she walked away after 5 minutes claiming the game was lame. I don't blame her.

The controls were off, the recipes were frustrating and unusually difficult. Overall, I had to turn the game off after completing two recipes and I'm sending the game back as soon as possible.

This game is NOTHING like the previous Cooking Mama games, and if that's what you're looking for you're going to be sorely disappointed.

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