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Contra 4 Review

posted by Katerpilet (AKRON, OH) Dec 24, 2007

Member since Nov 2007

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Contra 4 Review

Once upon a time there was a boy who decided to rent Contra 4 from GameFly to review for the magazine he worked for. Upon getting it, he was eager to try this legendary game. He had heard how tough this game was, but thought it couldn't possibly be as hard as Trauma Center. "I'll start on easy then work my way up, I'll fly through easy in an hour or two," he thought. Well, that hour turned into two hours and the first level was finally beaten. "Holy mother fing sit" he said. "This game is tough." For a week this boy battled through easy, experiencing the thrilling feeling of blasting aliens. 20 hours total, and no win, and he needed to send the game back to get all the reviews done. So yes, there you have it, this boy only got to the last level of Easy mode and decided to review it. That boy, as many of you have probably guessed by now, is me.
Contra 4 is without a doubt the absolute toughest game on the DS. If you like repeating levels, mastering controls, and slowly becoming a true contra (contra is german for super soldier or something..) then this game is for you. Contra 4 revolves around an alien threat once again coming back to Earth. As four heroes, and more unlockable ones, you battle through the game, all the same besides their sprite. It's a run and gun, common back in the NES days, heck this is so retro its in. It throws in some surprise though. Unlike most types of these games, it changes it up a bit. In some levels, you will have a true third person shooter like element. What really is different is the guns. Upgrades are received to the gun to help you beat the aliens faster. You also have a different amount of life depending on difficulty. So, as you advance in toughness, not only does the game get longer (Easy has less levels than Normal and Hard modes), the lives get more limited and the weapon upgrades get weaker. This is one great game.
For the full review visit (www)freewebs(com)/nsider- mag in 08.

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Good....but not Great.

posted by marvelousv (NIXA, MO) Apr 1, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

2 out of 5 gamers (40%) found this review helpful

I was looking forward to playing this title for quite a while before it was finally sent my way. I knew I would be playing a game notorious for it's difficulty. And yes, the game is difficult. But I feel it was held back by some of the nostalgic choices made by the developers.

Single hit kills, level restarts and limited continues hampered the experience. Video games have evolved to the point where I hate having to play the first level over and over and over again. A save feature may not increase play time, but would have increased the fun factor.

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Really Bad

worse than the thing!

posted by griffin090 (SHAKER HEIGHTS, OH) Aug 18, 2008

Member since Dec 2006

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i have played this game and all the other contra games and i cant beat any of them on level one! why did the developers take the 30 lives code away from us?? everyone loves that code and remembers it! why? because that was back when contra was fun!! i cant beat level 2 out of 9 levels! i am just going to use action replay because this game SUCKS!! the graphics are bad for a ds game. its repetetive and is stupid! the only way any one was able to beat it without cheats was to manouver and calculate every thing that would happen! does that sound like fun to you??? i didnt think so!

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