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Very Good

Almost perfect hand held Contra game

posted by megumegu (Lakewood, WA) Nov 29, 2007

Member since Dec 2003

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As a lover of the Contra franchise, I have to say, this step back to produce a love letter sequel to Contra III came out very well. While I miss the bombs and the double firing, I like the ability to dump carried weapons for your companion and the ability to upgrade weapons. The grapple hook is a great way to utilize the dual screens of the DS. All in all, the game is the classic Contra experience, made just a bit more difficult with the 2 screens to pay attention to (gotta remember to watch out for bullets from the other screen). The only gripe I have with the game is the lack of single-card multiplayer. If a 3D graphics action game like Metroid Prime: Hunters can have it, surely a 2D side scroller like Contra can.

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Contra is Back

posted by Lizard (COLUMBIA, SC) Feb 15, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

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When I was a kid, I played contra on the NES like it was a religion. It was without a doubt my favorite game. After the series went 3-d it took a dive for the worse. Now that Contra 4 is out do we finally have another good game or a bad one? Here's my thoughts

- This game is every bit old school contra. In fact a lot of the level design pays tribute to the old ones such as Contra, Super C and Alien Wars on the SNES.
- Game is packed with extras. From a challenge mode to box art and even the original Contra and Super C for the NES. Every contra fan can appreciate that.
- The graphics are very stylized and fit well into the contra universe. Also the game works very well with the duel screens.
- The laser is actually useful.
- The game is seriously challenging. It is no pushover.

Cons -
- Game is HARD. While a challenge is a nice thing, sometimes it can be overwhelming even on the normal difficulty
- Sometimes it can be easy to loose track of enemy fire when it passes from the top to the bottom (or vise versa ) screens.
- Sometimes you just don't have a way to prevent yourself from dying. Gunfire can sometimes trap you.
- Your directional fire is very limited, can be hard to hit enemies sometimes.

Really contra is a love or hate game. It is very tough and casual players probably wont get much out of it. But if your a contra fan there is no reason you should not have this for your DS. It is that simple. I definately suggest a rental

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great game

posted by Boothanew (HOUSTON, TX) Jul 1, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

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Its just as hard as the classic and i love it. :]

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