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Conker: Live and Reloaded

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Get life in tank.

If you have low life get in the tank, zoom in, look down and shoot. You will get extra life, but when your life is full if you do it again you will lose a chocolate. You will get it back if you do it again. It will take a couple times to fill your life.

Skills Thermophile

Thermophile: Self Heal, Spray Can


To autosave, go through a tunnel that shows the loading screen. Your game will then be saved.

Sneeker Quicker cloak

As a Sneeker, equip your cloaking ability in a multi-player match. While holding your saber, jump down from a high area (for example, the beginning of the Beach Dead map). About half a second before you hit the ground, press X to activate your cloaking ability. If done correctly, your character should hit the ground fully cloaked, and you will not have to wait to activate it on the arm panel and flash. This is very useful for jumping into battlefields to surprise the enemy.

Sneeker Spin technique

When you are a Sneeker and are in defensive mode, in order to stop being dizzy press X to cloak or feign death immediately after attacking. To avoid getting dizzy after spinning, after using the attack jump before you get dizzy.

Sneeker Wall jump

As a Sneeker, go up to any wall with the sword or dagger then press Jump(2).

Sneeker Double jump

Select a Sneeker as your character. Run, push against any wall, and press Jump(2). REMEMBER: You must keep up against the wall.

Test Scenes

Press L + R + Black to view development scenes. REMEMBER: Conker can be controlled during some of the scenes.

Skills Grunt

Grunt: Self Heal, Spray Can

Skills Sneeker

Sneeker: Cloak, Feign Death, Spray Can, Disguise

Skills Demolisher

Demolisher: Berserk, Spray Can

Skills Long Ranger

Long Ranger: Intravision, Spray Can

Skills Sky Jockey

Sky Jockey: Spray Can

Zero Wing reference

In Doon beside the Outside Base, below the Base Beta spawn point, and below the turret on the ground in the corner, it reads "All your base are belong to us!!". This is a reference to the game Zero Wing.


In any multi-player game, particularly online, if there are a lot of Sneekers the Thermophile is the best and easiest character to take them out. Even if they kill you, the fire should kill them. Also, acid is not good against enemies; only against vehicles and barricades.

Castle Von Tedistien

In solo or co-op mode, set up the dumbots so that there is the maximum amount of dumbots on the Tediz side. Set the lives to whatever desired, but not unlimited. Be a long ranger and you can shoot across the gap, but do not press the button that starts the cable cars. Eliminate all the Tediz lives, but leave one person alive. This is an easy way to win and get a lot of target practice.

The Ditch Easy career points without killing people

Choose the level The Ditch when online make it private if desired. You must have at least one other person so that you can start the game. When ready, choose to be a Sky Jockey. Then, go to your base and get a Mule. Fly the Mule all the way to where you see a river of pink lava on the outside. Land so that the tail and most of the body is in or touching the lava. Make sure the front of the plane is sticking out, so when you exit you will fall on the ground. Then, equip your repair tool by holding Y and selecting it. Keep healing your Mule as long as desired. This is a good way to rank up and get the repair medal.

Mona Sneeker

While on the SHC side online, be a class that can heal other players on your team (for example, a Grunt or Thermophile). When the female Sneeker squirrel has been hurt, heal her. Unlike every other class and team in the game, she will start moaning as you heal her while your character talks dirty to her. This is quite awkward if you are the SHC Sneeker being healed.

Kill penalty

On any level, be a Sky Jockey and get a steed. If you are a skilled enough pilot, you can eject using B and the steed will fly into the players. It will explode and kill everyone, but rarely works with a mule.

Jet Force Gemini reference

In the Haunted House level, the fireplace in the dining room is also in a room under the castle in the Water Ruins level of Jet Force Gemini.

Killer Instinct references

During story mode, allow the game to idle. Conker will take out a handheld Xbox and start playing Killer Instinct.

Killer Instinct references

When hitting the Alien in the final boss stage, the screams it lets out are that of the character Fulgore from Killer Instinct.

Star Wars references

In Soon, the Carbonyte the Fairy Panther King is a reference to Han Solo. The SHC ride in on the Millennium Falcon. The Tediz home world is a reference to Tatooine. Also, R2-D2 can be seen hovering above the catwalk above the second barrier the SHC must break through.

Tekken 3 reference

In The Uga Buga Mugged chapter, you can hear Jin Kazama's theme from Tekken 3 in the background when you are surfing.

Tech Deck reference

In the Mugged level when you are attacking the cavemen on lava boards, they look like Tech Deck characters. The first one is Spike, the second is Dr. Digit, and the third is Lenny.

War movie and game references

A few of the multi player maps have names that are similar to war movies or video games. Beach Dead: Beach Red or Beachhead. Castle Von Tedistien: Return to Castle Wolfenstein. A Bridge Too Narrow: A Bridge Too Far.

Alien vs. Predator reference

Notice when you are on the last level where you have to defeat the last Boss, the Panther King, that he will say "Fetch me my milk". He will then start to lose breath. After that, he will die and an alien will jump out of his heart. The alien is the one from Alien vs. Predator.

Banjo Kazooie reference

On the screen that has the Xbox Live and co-op options, switch to the options part. Look above the fireplace to see Banjo's head above two crossed muskets.

Grabbed By The Ghoulies reference

At the beginning of the game, choose Game 3. The doors in the background should then open to reveal Cooper, the main character in Rare's first Xbox title Grabbed By The Ghoulies, huddled over a toilet.