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Above Average

Vietnam is very fun

posted by SocomLover (UNIVERSITY PLACE, WA) May 19, 2009

Member since May 2009

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Something about the Vietnam War is just very interesting. It could be that the US lost, or that there could be traps anywhere you walk. I think this war should be used in newer games. This game supplies you with plenty of fun and the sqaud based gameplay is solid, but not super realistic like socom. Personally i think this game is a little easy and would like to see a more serious game on this war.

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Quite Fun

posted by AUioGf (SEATTLE, WA) Nov 2, 2007

Member since Nov 2005

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I can see how this game can be easily misunderstood by people who just like to charge forward and shoot things. The enjoyment of "Conflict Vietnam" comes from the tactical challenges of positioning and advancing four characters. The game is less about aiming your gun than it is about using terrain to provide cover, not getting everyone killed at once so that one character can heal the others, arranging people to cover different angles at once, etc., but all in real time.

My biggest complaint would have to be the AI that has all the enemies stream at you until they are all dead, instead of having them hold tactically advantageous group positions, and lay in wait with ambushes for sloppy forward advancement.

The atmospheric jungle environment and the sometimes dark social commentary also add a lot to the game.

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posted by Dalamari (CHAMPLIN, MN) Jul 8, 2006

Member since Apr 2005

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Conflic: Vietnam seems to think that if you fill a game with enough cursing and 70's music, you can call it a Vietnam video game, however it fails at almost every attempt. First of all, the AI is poor at best, you will often find the enemy running into walls, running out of cover and firing at you, or simply standing still and doing nothing. Next, its attempt at creating a squad based combat environment is pretty bad as well, your squad will die 90% of the time or get lost while trying to follow you. (and this is a hassle because trying to send them in front of you usually gets them killed, so they have to follow you) Finally, as I stated above, in an attempt to not make it feel like Conflict: Desert Storm, they fill it with typical "Vietnam Rock" and swearing.

Basically, this game is Full metal Jacket, without good acting or any real action, and all you get is a bunch of profanities with some Hendrix mixed in.

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