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Conflict: Denied Ops


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Bargain Bin For Sure

posted by SurfFreak (LAGUNA BEACH, CA) Apr 10, 2008

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This game isn't good but its not as bad as most of the reviewers make it out to be. Actually, the game is fun at times, the weapons are good and seem accrate enough and its pretty cool to control both a sniper and machine gunner at the same time. Now, i'm not saying that this is something to put on your christmas list but, its worth a rental.

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Hard to believe this is only 2 1/2 years old

posted by Solrina (CANDLER, NC) Jul 27, 2010

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I had never played a Conflict game, and probably never will after this forgettable experience. I played this only because I was looking for a co-op game and, well, this unfortunately qualified.

The story is as cookie cutter as they come. A couple of special forces guys trot across the globe looking to put a stop to some nuclear danger. As expected, the story is just in place to have different locals in which to shoot lots of baddies and blow stuff up. Which is acceptable if the game can excel in other areas...but this one doesn't.

The main problem for me is I felt I was playing a mid-generation PS2 title. Weak graphics, glitches, poor controls, and boring level design. My friend enjoyed the weapons because he was running around with the rocket launcher the whole time, but I found them to be generic. Even worse the sniper was frustrating to use.

The co-op was the only thing going for this title. It's always fun to load up with a friend and just kill people without care. If you have a friend who wants to waste about 6 hours or so, and you have just totally run out of other games, this isn't a bad rent, and you can make fun of how dumb the game is while you kill away.

Looking back I might be a bit harsh, but for me, mediocrity is nearly worse than just a bad title. With a bit of dedication and care this could have been at least a solid game, but it just got the "pump-it-out" treatment and that ticks me off.

As old as this game is as of writing, it feels a good two years older. While there is probably no reason to write this review so many years later, there is darn sure no reason to rent this, as so many better games have come along in that time.

4 / 10

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PS3 Physics and gameplay with PS2 Graphics

posted by BmwFreak (HACKETT, AR) Feb 29, 2008

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This game a some solid gameplay, the level and player physics are extremely good. As a matter of fact the physics is better than most all other PS3 games. COD 4, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, and Resistance are about the only FPS that have more realistic level graphics. The only down side to this game is the graphics, which are high quality for a PS2 game but far from next-gen. expectations. The in game cut scenes are very nice though and are pretty much what one would expect of a next-gen. title.

Back to the physics. I love the level physics due to thier realistic reactions. Unlike most first person shooters, when you shoot a crate in this game it breaks at the exact spot the bullet hit. If you shoot the corner of a crate only that corner is affected, likewise if you shoot it in the middle. Crates, boxes, and other various items don't explode from one bullet, its very realistic.

Blowing holes in a wall is unique as well. If an enemy is hiding behind a thin wall, you can blast a hole in the wall and nail him. For example each gun has different reactions to the enviroment. The pistol will cause a very small bullet hole if any, while the sniper rifle/machine gun will knock a hole big enough to see through and aim the scope of that gun through, the shotgun will blast an entire door down in one shot or a man sized hole in a wall with two shots.

This means that if you can't hit an enemy because their behind cover, you can destroy their cover with the right weapon or even cause the roof to come crashing down on top of them. The RPG/ rocket laucher, which is always carried by somebody, can blast open entire structures, very handing at removing those annoying rifle turrets position on a third story window. The Grenade Lauching is an ad on device for the machine gun and is great for clearing entire rooms quickly.

This game was disigned for Co-Op play at this is where it truely shines. Very smooth integration of levels makes two player Co-Op perfect. Worth playing

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