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posted by airstriker747 (SAN DIEGO, CA) Dec 12, 2011

Member since Dec 2011

I played this game last year but I think it is the best fps i ever played! RENT THIS GAME(or the first game if u wanna play the first one to understand the 2nd)OR DIE

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with the way things ended we need a conduit 3

posted by Athena123 (MILWAUKEE, WI) Oct 21, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

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conduit 2 is so much fun. 1st its so much better than conduit 1 that people shouldn't play 1 they just need to play 2 and they'll be happy the bossess are not to easey not to hard but just right there are if i can remember maybe 5 bossess if not 6 anyway people will like conduit 2 better even the online is soooooooo good it makes you feel like you are really the conduit and your in the game playing and its like in conduit 1 its human vs alien vs robot but in conduit 2 its human and alien vs robot. 2nd there is a little bit of a transformer thing in conduit 2 but better i think so. 3rd you know how in conduit 1 there's a man helping you through the conduit and in number 2 he and some conduit girl help you through conduit 2 4rth dont get mad at conduit 2 cause it is a good easey game but there's like 20 objectives in each level and the levels are long. there's like 9 levels but like 20 objectives for each one. 5th you kinda had to mess around with the controls in conduit one until you find what you like but in conduit 2 “dont touch anything”!!!! thats right in conduit 2 the controls are already set for you. 6th in conduit 2 you fight more than just robots (you start out fighting aliens but you become friends and just fight robots) thats right you fight other humans to but they're marines i think. 7th there's like this boss level where you are in a airship and you shoot this other airship but you're shooting each other while riding on water but be careful cause thats not to easey the other airship will have a missile coming at you under water and missiles coming at you from above. 8th so when you get here be careful. 9th you are all alone so watch your back left right and front (SEARIOUSLY) robots army men robot dogs coming at you from every angle so have fun playing conduit 2 and remember big bossess robot,human mostly monster bosses. and like i said before with the way conduit 2 ended there should be a conduit 3 i dont see a reason why they wouldn't make a conduit 3

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I do not agree with other reviews.

posted by dgolightly519 (PRESTON, ID) Oct 9, 2011

Top Reviewer

Member since Oct 2011

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The other reviews of this game seem to be making a comparison between this game and other systems/consoles. This game is a veritable staple of Nintendo history.

The Graphics in this game are admittedly lacking if a person is looking for an HD game. Remember, this is the Wii. It isn't an HD game. The graphics level they have achieved combined with their physics engine and gameplay more than make up for it. There are several in my house who play Halo who say that they love Conduit and Conduit 2.

If you haven't played the first game you will notice that no real introduction to controls is given in Conduit 2. They are learned in the first game or read in the book that is not included with this game. You need to play the first Conduit first to get the full affect anyway.

This is where I get to the other positive part of this review, story. The story behind Conduit is as old as dirt. The world is being taken over and you must save it, switching sides as needed. However, the conceptual ideas that drive the story come as a surprise throughout the story. Do not expect anything from this game and it will give you everything.

I am also convinced that many of the other reviewers did not partake in multiplayer mode either online or splitscreen (both are available and both are LOADS of fun and reminiscent of the original 007).

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