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Condemned: Criminal Origins


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Basic Technique

Remember to aim for the heads' of enemies with all of your guns for the quickest takedowns, and ammo saving techniques.

Pump Shotgun

This is a very strong weapon, but its sole limitation is ammo supply. Conserve shots, and throw it away when you've used all of them.

Submachine Gun

Usually you get a decent amount of ammo if you can find this weapon. Be careful when you shoot this, as well, as for every squeeze of the trigger, three rounds are shot. It's a bit inaccurate, but it can get you out of many-man situations.


The rifle fires ultra-accurate shots, with extremely high damage. You will be able to utilize this weapon safely from far away with it's extreme accuracy, but remember to make every round count.

Entry Tools

Some of these weapons can wield a good deal in damage to your enemies but most of them are very slow at blocking and attacking. The Fire Axe is the best one, but you can also use the crowbar, sledgehammer (slower fire axe) and shovel if you are in a jam.

Best Weapons

The rifle or shotgun are the strongest pure weapons, but the best makeshift weapons have to be the fire axe and sledgehammer.


Sprinting is not that useful on stairs. Save it for level surfaces.


As with all guns, it is best to save the revolver for fights against multiple enemies (or against exceptionally tough loners). Particularly weak enemies can be finished off with a combination of Taser and kicks instead.

Strategic dropping

Drop important weapons and tools near distinctive objects or in easy-to-find spots. By doing this, you will not have to search for them later.

Big melee weapons

If you want to use big melee weapons, practice hanging back, then veering ahead far enough to hit your enemy with your weapon. Then, drift back. This makes the most of your weapons' superior reach and keeps you away from your opponents' faster weapons.