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Above Average

Accurate to real life isnt always a good thing.

posted by GravisZro (FAIRFAX, VA) May 28, 2009

Member since May 2009

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note: My review is for single player mode only.

----The Good----

Not your typical FPS:

While there are some guns, the majority of the game is melee fighting. However, melee can get boring so they added combos (with slow-mo action) and various ways of fighting as well as being able to pick up just about anything and hit someone with it or throw it.

An interesting bit of the game is the forensics/chatting element. The game has you figure out what happened but it's multiple choice so it's not impossible to proceed. Additionally, your responses are ranked by accuracy, so you dont have to have the exact answers to proceed.

There are also optional segments to the levels. The more you complete, the better the upgrade you get for the proceeding levels. You can also replay previous levels to obtain upgrades without loosing your current progress.

----The Bad----

Storyline Issue:

I didn't play the first game (Condemned) so there were a couple things that didnt quite make sense if you didn't play the first game. However, they spell it out for you so you know what's happening but it still feels like something is missing. The storyline is a continuation of the previous game so I recommend completing the first game before playing this one.

Player Control Issue:

As you find out in the the game intro, your character is a drunk. They incorporated this into the game by making you walk a bit hobbled. This can get annoying and something makes things annoying to control. It's supposed to be like real life but I think they over do it a bit. Oh and if you get motion sickness dont play this game or you will be sure to feel ill.

Puzzle Wording Issue:

At parts where there are multiple answers, the wording isnt always clear. I recall one puzzle I got stuck on that I knew the answer to but wasnt choosing the right descriptions of wires that were right in front of your face (seriously, numbers or colors would have been a better way to go)

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GF Rating


Different style of First-person game play..

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Apr 27, 2009

Top Reviewer

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Condemed2 isn't as bad as what some have announced it to be. The controls are what made the game more challenging. The story-line has a twisted plot as like Bioshock. Condemed2, game interaction has its own feel to it. You basically, use nothing but melee, fighting techniques, to beat down the enemy, literally. Using anything you can find, wood planks, bricks, electrical conduit, or anything that you can tear out of a wall to use as a weapon, Condemed2 has you basically street fighting threw out the whole game. You will also investigate crime scenes in the game, where you use your wits to find out clues, which gave the game a more RPG flare to it.

You play as a investigator named, Eathan Thomas, who works for the SCU forensics unit, that investigates abnormal activities. Eathan Thomas doesn't really keep in mind that he is a investigator or legal authority. Which at his day and time nothing seems normal, as an entire city is broken into chaos by strange happenings. Eathan is called back to duty, because he has knowledge of these type of events from before.

Sega and Monolith, made a very different and very fun game. I got aggravated by the controls. But found that once you get the hang of using L1 for left punch, R1 for right punch, and R3 button to kick you really find this game is pretty unique. Which it also becomes a breeze to run threw, after you get the hang of all the motion that the enemy does. When you clobber them over the head with a sledge hammer, the bums, and other enemy stagger sometimes when you have dazed/stunned them, which they sometimes come back around with another swing. You really have to stay on your toes when your beatin them down cause the AI is very hostile. Which made the game very hilarious. Throwing bricks and watching the AI grab their head, because they didn't know what just hit them, was always funny.

This game is different and worth a try. Has a boring multi-player, but the single player was definitely fun and humorous to play.

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GF Rating

Very Good

None others like it

posted by ginsyy (GRAND ISLAND, NY) Apr 1, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

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I have never seen a game like this before on any console. First of all the weapons such as the pipes , electric conducts and the wooden planks are very fun to use. The guns are not that great, but then again this is not meant to be a first person shooter. Overall this game well deserved the 8 out of 10 I gave it.

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