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GF Rating


Great game with terribly flawed game mechanics

posted by Noirling (PORTLAND, OR) Nov 1, 2007

Member since Mar 2007

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This is like playing a designer impostor version of God of War and Prince of Persia combined. The artwork is incredibly good, the storyline is somewhat intriguing. The problems with this game lie in the mechanics. In boss battles, like in God of War, you are expected to push certain buttons in a sequence to execute stylistic kills. Conan tries to copy this, but fails miserably. The reason it's such a failure is that the button you're supposed to push flashes for only a split second. By the time your mind registers it, your window for pushing said button has closed. Only if you're lucky can you pull off these ridiculous button pushes in time. Even if you are able to fight the boss multiple times in your quest to mash the buttons properly, there is no guarantee that they will be the same the next time around. In other words, even after that final boss kills you for the 20th frustrating time, you will be no closer to memorizing the sequence of buttons the 21st time around; therefore, prepare to die, often, while pulling your hair out in frustration.
Another problem is that there are too many moments where the controller doesn't work with you. In Prince of Persia, when you had to execute a leap, you could almost execute it perfectly. Conan's poor imitation is likely to have you leaping into the abyss five times before you master the exact angle you're supposed to be pointing at before making the jump. SImilarly, there are too many moments when you'll find yourself running around aimlessly wondering where you're supposed to go. A map or compass would have done wonders here. After a while, you will realize the developers were trying to be clever by putting in a few puzzles to break up the monotony of button mashing to appease the hack and slash set. Unfortunately, this doesn't make for a good game. It makes a player angry. This is definitely worth a rental, but replayability is lacking, so don't buy it.

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who does't like a clothing optional hackn' slash??

posted by goBlazers (HILLSBORO, OR) Jan 29, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

15 out of 21 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

Bodyslams, piledrivers, dismemberment, and decapitations are what Conan is all about! oh yeah, and rescuing topless maidens too.

This game is what I was expecting and more. After the first big boss battle, I really couldn't wait to see what was next. There are lots and lots of different combo moves to unlock. Different weapon types have different combos.

One of the downsides is the set camera angles, but oh well. This game does a good job of capturing the spirit of the old Conan movies.

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posted by snizzard (VANCOUVER, WA) Jun 8, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

The good:
There are several cool looking weapons and you can switch between them. If you make it through the game, you'll get 400GS without doing anything extra. Which is good because you won't want to do anything extra.

The bad:
Very, VERY choppy, in every sense of the word. The physics glitch constantly. It was frustrating to get swamped by enemies that attack in such a way that you can't move. And you can fall off any edge. And there are seveeral parts of the game where you have to jup from ledge to ledge grabbing on to each one. Only the jumping physics are quirky. Also the grabbing. and the final boss is effing torture. It took me an hour to beat him on easy due to constant dying from attacks I can't avoid. And there's no achievement for beating it on normal or easy, and King (very hard) isn't unlocked till you beat it once, which is one too many times to have to hack it in my opinion. So it would take 2 or even three times to beat to get all the achievements. And I don't think Ghandi has the patience to sit through Ron Pearlman's God awful voice over. And the Graphics are nothing to write home about. Music is okay but but stops suddnenly for some reason. Overall not worth wasting a slot on your que for.

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