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Very Good

Conan Comes to a Bad End

posted by machete132 (SAN LEANDRO, CA) May 22, 2014

Member since Jun 2010

I very much enjoyed this game until the end. The ending of this game is one of the worst I have experienced. It is different from anything encountered before in the game. It is not enjoyable or satisfying to beat the final boss. I only felt glad I was done. The game is good up until this point. The enemies block your moves and are more than objects to be mowed down. There are a variety of environments to keep the player interested and many hidden objects to search for. Climbing is difficult but fortunately infrequent. If you want to mow down several enemies with one swipe of your mighty broadsword you will not like this game. However, if you want a challenging game that seems realistic (having never actually fought enemies with sword and shield I can't say what it is really like) and has several real and mythological characters and locations, then this game will be to your liking. The game has some semi-naked women and buckets of blood as Conan fights his way through Robert E. Howard's world. The graphics are not greatly detailed, but do have the proper feel to them for a Conan environment. Enjoy, but try not to let the ending ruin an otherwise exciting and fun game. The game takes about six to eight hours to complete the first time through.

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it is okay

posted by Pedo_Bear (SPRING HILL, FL) Mar 15, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

despite all the bad reviews
ignore them this game is very fun you get to run around and save naked girls pick between dual handing swords shields or two hand rip out hearts body slam your foes throwing them off bridges it is a really fun game its only 5$ at game stop i wouldn't even waist my time renting this though but it is a good game about 21 hours to beat the game on normal mode it is a easy game for the most part and jumping is a bit hard to do at times but it does kill time

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worse game engine ever

posted by CrzyChris718 (BROOKLYN, NY) Jan 18, 2013

Member since Feb 2011

The story for this game is ok at best. It's been about since i was 7 since I've watched the movie, so about 20 yrs or so now, but the all in all story line isn't that far off. The movement in the game is the worse I've ever seen. It's like this game was made by a bunch of cross-eyed ch!n0 idiots. If your in the middle of a load or save and which to the PSN screen the back round does the ultimate game throwback with the screwed up V-Hold, not that I except anyone born before 1998 to understand, the graphics are second rate at best. Isn't a bad game if you don't get dizzy or have a seizure or two with the constant camera spin. The placement on the ledges for jumps, some you cant get within 5 feet others, your standing in mid air before you can jump. Need a laugh and a reason for the busted controller, this is the game for it. Finishing up the game and sending it back. Doesn't seem there is many trophies to be gotten. Will not recommend this game to anyone.

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