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GF Rating


Blood, Guts, and not much else!

posted by Joshieca (PRESCOTT, AZ) Nov 12, 2007

Member since Sep 2007

Leave this game to the 360 and PC! This port is so bad, they didn't even take the time to take advantage of just ONE of the PS3's processors. Looks like a PS2 game, no correction some PS2 games are better looking than this!

The graphics are just terrible. How can something like this get released on the PS3, for shame. The game play gets old fast. There are stupid little on screen patterns that you have to follow, if you don't you die and start all over again.

The only saving thing about this game is the fact you can chop people in half and such, but that gets old fast! Rent it if you have nothing else to do. Finished it in two days by the way, short and stupid, and a complete bite of God of War!

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GF Rating


Fun for awhile.

posted by Linde94 (CROWN POINT, IN) Nov 7, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

This is your typical run of the mill slasher style video game, alla God of War, Heavenly Sword, etc. Now, grant it this game was not nearly as good as those other two I mentioned but the gameplay is very similar. Every enemy has a certain combination of moves they perform that you must learn to evade then go in for a few quick strikes until after a few of these strikes they are dead.

The finishing moves in this game were pretty slick and there are so many combinations of moves it's ridiculous. You have to unlock almost all of them though.

The graphics were poor during the cutscenes but the actual gameplay was not nearly as bad, in fact it was pretty good.

Overall, it was a fun game that just got a little boring after awhile so I never did finish it. Definitely worth a rental.

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Conan: The Disappointing

posted by Trixter (SACRAMENTO, CA) Nov 7, 2007

Member since Feb 2006

Welcome to my God of War, I mean, Conan review. This game in many ways is similar to GOW. Button combinations, style, and game play. The story line was well written. The cinema graphics were great. Perhaps I had higher expectations going into this game and left with my head hanging low. Save yourself the time and get God Of War and you will be happier. The only good thing I have to say is that the random naked women were a surprise.

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