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Very Good

Innovative, goofy, beautiful, and just plain fun.

posted by Joshywuff (PINE PRAIRIE, LA) Dec 24, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

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First and fore-most, I have yet to complete this game.

Red Alert is a less-serious conter-part to the original C&C. The original story basically has Albert Einstein back-track in time before WW2 to kill a certain guy, preventing the second World War. This resulted in Russia rising as a super-power, and he would lend his mind to the Allies to stifle this global threat.

Cheesy, pointless, stupid, and entertaining. To a greater extreme than the predecessors however... in my personal opinion, the cheesier the better. Russia has lost the war, and in haste of retreat, a head-general uses their own time machine to go back and kill Einstein before even gaining recognition. The result is World War 2 once again occurring, and without nuclear technology, the rise of a Japanese Empire, The Rising Sun.

Sound & Graphics-
The visuals in this game are stunning. From the workings and texture of the construction and buildings, to the gardens and penthouses and fish in the sea. Little was over-looked in the graphical beauty. The sound-track is appropriate to each race, but mediocre at best. and the sound effects are rather lack-luster but get the job done.

If not for this limit, I could go on all day. But I'll sum up all three topics.
The new race, The Empire of the Rising Sun, is very innovative, in the way they construct bases and have transformable units.
Speaking of units, every single unit in the game now has a secondary ability, most of which are extremely useful and innovative.
Another thing about innovation, Many units, as well as structures are 'amphibious,' meaning they can traverse and can be placed both on land AND water. This adds a lot of tactical diversity.
Lastly, every storyline mission is co-op, done with a second player or PC. Sounds risky, but it's VERY well done.

Over-all, if you play a game light-hearted and just for fun, you may enjoy it more than if you want a serious, captivating story.

Live has a playable demo.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Fun strategy game... Empire forces were fun

posted by ShadoShryk (GOLDSBORO, NC) Mar 5, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

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My mind is best suited for strategy and RPG. I have always know this. C&C:RA3 proved it even more.

This is a cut and dried strategy empires game. Build your bases and armies and defend and/or attack as needed for each mission until you dominate the field.

Each empire has unique units and you have to find just the right units to counter the enemies units that are sent against you. With my military background, this was obvious, yet I still had to make multiple tries at some missions.

I started with the Allies campaign, then ran the Soviet campaign and then moved to the Empire campaign. I think I had the most fun with the Empire, and hated the Soviet campaign the most.

This game is not for the strategy newbie, since trying to control all the different groups of units to defeat your enemies can be taxing once you get to the 7-9th stages of each campaign. All campaigns get much more challenging after the 6th, though generally with one stage that it deceptively easier than you expect it to be after the 6th.

Now I wish I had taken up C&C earlier, but I think I over did Warcraft, Starcraft and AoE back in the day. Now I think I will go pick up the C&C 10 years package for the PC just so I can see what I missed.

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classic red alert with next-gen polish

posted by drjohn (KENT, OH) Sep 28, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

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If you have played any of the red alert games, you will be familiar with this storyline. A time machine alters history with events favorable to the soviet union. This game has a less serious tone than other command and conquer titles. With Jenny McCarthy as an underclothed special forces agent and David Hasselhoff as V.P of the United States, there is a bit of humor added.
There are 3 factions this time, each with its own campaign. Each map is playable in cooperative mode. Don't worry if you have no friends, the game will provide you with a moderately competent A.I. partner. The build/tech tree is smaller this time, but there is still quite a bit of variety to explore.
As expected, the control scheme on the console does not lend itself to the real time strategy game style. Despite each unit having special powers, it can be cumbersome to activate them with precision. This works for small battles but large firefights usually end before you can select the proper special ability, usually not to your advantage. It seems these abilities were included to limit rush/massed tactics. It is a shame it doesn't work so well.
The game requires some rethinking about tactics. Base structures now build on water and many units are amphibious or can fly. I found this limits traditional bottlenecks; for example, your inland base is not immune to naval forces as many boats can crawl/hover on land. Combined with the limited control mechanics, I found the game to still be less about clever tactics and more about hordes of units. It probably works better on the p.c.

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