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Same thing you played in 1998 but revamped

posted by Gamer923 (HAYWARD, CA) Sep 23, 2007

Member since Aug 2007

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I loved the Command and Conquer series and I just had to play this one. It was on the older games that I first played online and I would play C&C until the wee hours of the morn. I rented this game seeing how it changed and how different it was. Sadly it is the same ball of wax. You just collect resources and outnumber the opponent with little strategy. I have lost my old love of real time strategy games and this game only helps me move on to other games. Sure they added a few things such as snipers and troopers that jump over obstacles but really this idea is worth putting on the shelf and allowing the old glory days to take residence in the gaming HoF.

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Very Good

Surprisingly Addictive

posted by KrispyD (YORK, PA) Jun 1, 2007

Member since Apr 2006

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I'm not much of a fan of RTS games, even less so on consoles, having been burned by the likes of Starcraft back in the day. I was pleasantly surprised by this game though. The controls take some getting used to, and there is definitely a slower response time than you would be able to get with a mouse and keyboard, but overall it was a very fun and entertaining game.

It's basic RTS fair, you build bases, collect resources, and build units. The tiberium (the main resource in C&C3) actually has some other game play gimmicks besides just being there to ravage for your war machine. Infantry units take damage if they go into the stuff, and certain abilities of some of the different races use the tiberium in different ways, from bonus damage to line of site abilities.

The campaign is entertaining, and the FMV sequences are something to behold. There are quite a few recognizable faces in there, including Lando and Sawyer. It's a bit campy, but it almost feels like it's supposed to be that way.

Multiplayer is quite a bit of fun, though the vision camera deal feels more like it's been added as a cheap gimmick more than anything else, but it is cool to see who you're playing against sometimes.

The biggest problem is that, while you're stuck being a noticeable bit slower because of the controls, the AI is not hampered by these restrictions. There were quite a few times where I needed to order units around in quick succession and was not able to thanks to the controls. The computer does not have that limitation, giving them a sometimes unfair advantage. Overall though, the difficulty seemed to be where it should be.

Overall, it's a game I would recommend trying out, if for nothing else than the somewhat goofy cut scenes.

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GF Rating

Very Good

first RTS ive really put any time into.....

posted by tactsims (BASTIAN, VA) May 13, 2007

Member since May 2006

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im loving it yesterday afternoon and the next thing i knew it was 4am.if you're new to the genre(as i was)plan on putting some time into learning the ins and outs,but its time well review score may go up after i put it through its paces,havent tried MP yet(i have about 12 hours in so far and about half of that was in skirmish's other half campaign).my scoe of 8 was assuming i could still have some problems/issue's that i just havent run into yet.

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