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College Hoops NCAA 2K8

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Also on:Xbox 360, PS2
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posted by golfer11 (MASON, OH) Jul 3, 2008

Member since Dec 2005

no fun at all but when your playing against a friend its fun. graphix are good though.

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One of the worst games I've played

posted by fgrdods (NEWPORT NEWS, VA) Jun 7, 2008

Member since Sep 2006

When I first turned the game on I wondered if I had gotten a PS 2 game rather than a PS 3 by mistake. The graphics were horrible starting with the menus and continuing through the game play. The game play was only slightly better. I didn't even make it through my first game before it was back in the mailbox. I'm glad I got this game on Game Fly rather than making the mistake of buying it.

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Very Good

Been Playin' Basketball games since '87...

posted by BARoby (NOTTINGHAM, MD) May 29, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

Play This Game! This game has the unique ability to make it the kind of game you want it to be. I'll break down the basic pros and cons, but in my opinion, it's among the best I've seen in 20 years (and I'm only 26, but I've been gaming for a minute).

The Pros:
Great realistic play-post play is phenomenal and players move in very fluid manners, regardless of what moves you are trying to execute; not choppy like games of old.

Fully customizable players-control everything about your player, down to the way he releases the ball when he shoots. Create the next NCAA super star, or modify what you have to fit your needs.

Dynamic gameplay-the crowd does come into play when you are pushing to make that comeback...nothing like them going wild when you dunk the ball on two bigs AND get the foul.

Fun coaching options-start at a small school and work your way into the power divisions, or just choose whatever team you want from the get go. customize your coach from his look to his book, and have a ball inspecting new coaching offers at the end of the season, with the goal of obtaining a lifetime contract.

The cons:
Uniform gliches-just so you know, there will be times when you show more thigh than you really want to.

Game difficulty-there is none (for me, a 20 point game is the benchmark for close)

Coaching Career-I chose to focus on a coaching career-start small and earn my way into the school of my choice. Doesn't quite work that way. You can only get a contract to teams that are hiring (i'm on year 8 or 9 and haven't been able to find an opening at either Saint louis U or Mizzou as of yet) which leaves no guarantee that you will go where you want in a reasonable time. However, I started with Howard, won 5 straight titles was offered a Coaching Position at Duke.

Confusion-what should be a block ends up being a rebound-frustrating at times for stat keeping.

Other in game features make this one a winner; don't starve yourself any longer!! PLAY IT!

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