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So-So game

posted by Bengals123 (WARE, MA) Apr 28, 2006

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8 out of 9 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

Ok...first off this game has a very awesome story line of how the US president is involved with nuclear missle makings with Russia and the KGB. The game is very slow paced weapons are iffy but you can get stuff around the levels (screws,bottles,rags,etc.) to make things like slingshot grenades,silencer, armor piercing bullets. This game is a mix of Splinter cell and a weapon and interactivity of Half-Life 2. One of the coolest features of this game is how if guards are walking towards you you can hide under tables or hide in lockers.

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Above Average

Slow Paced Stealthy Crawl

posted by Imptee (CORONA, CA) Apr 19, 2006

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I have enjoyed this game much. The reasons why are:
The controls are very easy to pickup and master. The instruction are clear and the control layout makes sense.
I personally enjoy a game that does not bombard you with constant non-stop aggressive opponents. this game gives the player time to observe what is going on, and somehow at the same time prods you on to complete the tasks. I think the management of the game flow (time wise) is excellent. those who are looking for an all out kill fest, need not waste you time with this one.
I felt that the levels and missions were laid out in an effective way that made sense. You frequently have to back track to continue moving forward, which seems more realistic to me.
For the most part, I enjoyed the non-frantic-panic and cerebral qualities of the game. The characterizations were kind of cliché, even for the time period the game is set in, but they were for the most part appropriate.
Hope you find this helpful, and enjoy it as I did, if it's sounds like your kind of game!

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GF Rating

Above Average

And you thought the Cold War was over...

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Nov 13, 2009

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Cold War is a stealth-action game in the same vein as SplinterCell. However, while Sam Fisher of SplinterCell fame might be a highly trained stealth recon agent, your hero in Cold War is opportunistic photojournalist Matthew Carter.
Carter is doing some undercover work in Russian and ends up in the middle of a plot to launch nukes and take over the government. From there, he has to unravel the conspiracy, knock out guards and evade detection for the rest of the game.
Carter isn't much of a soldier. And as for stealth, he carries a flash camera and can't jump. However, Carter can build things from bottles and rags. He's more MacGyver than Fisher and that's okay. You can use various items throughout the game to make rubber bullets, explosives, silencers and even upgrades for your pistol. You also have a very special x-ray camera that has charges powerful enough to knock out opponents in the next room or blow up cameras and fire extinguishers. It's the most efficient stealth weapon I've seen, except that it only holds five rounds at a time and it's not available for purchase in the real world.
Stealth is pretty basic compared to other games in the genre. Your enemies can't see or hear very well, but can shoot very well when you're detected. Although you have a detection meter, it doesn't distinguish between light and sound, so it's hard to tell how stealthy you're being. You also have limited mobility which affects his ability to run at a decent speed, sidle up against walls, jump or climb onto higher ground. Yes, Carter could use some pointers from Mr. Fisher.
Cutscenes are done in static screens, the story makes just enough sense to work and the amount of backtracking is notable.
Still, the game runs well enough and the item creation system makes for a unique experience. It's pleasurable for it's duration and has some merit, but not enough to compete against the big boys.

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