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posted by NUGGaNOOCh (FLAGSTAFF, AZ) Jul 13, 2007

Member since May 2007

this is just the same old stupid resident evil type of plot. Where its you and only you that can rescue a bunch of dee dee dee's from zombies.dumb.if your into this type of game just get Resident Evil itself or Silent Hill.if you rent it, you are a dee dee dee yourself

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This games Resident evil on a ship

posted by Rixoli (KANSAS CITY, MO) Jan 3, 2009

Member since Jul 2007

This games rubbish in my eyes, its resident evil with zombies which HAVE to have their head's severed along with creatures you'd expect out of a H.P. Lovecraft novel, only all you get is a pistol and MAYBE some close quarter weapon (this is at the beginning mind you, i wasn't playing much longer than 15 minutes ) they get a 12 case of Insta-Destruction at close range...on a enclosed quarters ship.....greaaaatt. The game has lots of potential but it falls short as soon as the baddies start crawling out of the woodwork and the ships rocking constantly so if your a twitchier gamer than i am ( in this case, stay away from the game to begin with as you may end up jumping at every little sound ) aiming for that little melon on their shoulders can be a PAIN when you have to aim for it nearly every time if you want them to stay down for good (Though granted you get 8 seconds or so of peace if you put enough bullets in their torso before they get back up, i couldn't find a way short of removing their heads to stop them from getting back up ) if your just looking to kill a little time, I'd say at least try it to say you hate it of your own opinion but eh

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good game bad advertisement

posted by eternal (RED BLUFF, CA) May 22, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

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ok yes this game is a resident evil knockoff, but it has alot that resident evil 4 does not. such as the swingin crates the pipelines that shoot fire if shot at, and the oil barrels. the one thing that i thought was really great was that unlike resident evil 4 they didn't leave out the flame thrower (which was one of the funnest guns in the survival horror genre) this game may not be name brand may not be resident evil but if your are looking for a good survival horror game pick this one up it may actually surprise you.

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