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Cold Fear


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

After the Whale Segment

Following the "whale part" head back into the area with all of the water. Head across the room and go up the stairs. Take the door on your left as you come to the end of stairs (that is Hansen's left). Once you're past this door, head up the stairs you find and move into the small area with 5 doors. Take the door that's directly across from you. Once in this area, head toward hansen's right (this will be toward the bottom of your screen as you enter the area). Follow the hallway, then take the stairs. Interact with the door on Hansen's left. That should get you on the right track.

How to beat Kamsky

Using a Pistol the only way to defeat him is by Critical Hits (three total).

How to beat ExoMass

7-10 good shots with your shotgun and it should die if you hit it's arm. Also 4 grenades will do the trick as well. Utilizing a spear, control it's movements and then empty your grenade launcher on it as it reaches the spear.

How to beat ExoShade

Knock it over with a shot from your shotgun which makes it easier to get the next shot. Keep repeating til its dead.

How to beat ExoCel

One close range shot with your shotgun should do the trick.

How to beat ExoMutant

One close range head shot with your shotgun should do the trick.