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nice game i rot atv nice

posted by ATVCOOL (CLOVIS, CA) Jul 6, 2006

Member since Jan 2006

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my favorite psp game. it takes a lot of effort to unlock strong weapons in this can search levels for hours looking for the exit. i love this game. i love the vulcan.

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Prepare for Legal Hacking!!

posted by DeltaMarine88 (BELTSVILLE, MD) May 8, 2013

Member since Jul 2012

OK, let me just say that this is a truly unique FPS experience. I honestly think Konami put their heart into this game.

This game may not look visually stunning, but this is do to the capabilities of the PSP. It might actually surprise you that, even though it might look bad, it is really fun and addicting.

This play the same as any other FPS.....sort of. It might take some getting used to the face buttons as the camera controls, but their is a handy controls screen.

The Verdict:
Overall, this is a fun, different kind of FPS. At the end of the game, you unlock Infinity, an endless level. Yes, I said ENDLESS.
If you like FPS games play this.






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Really, the only good PSP game.

posted by Falcon4 (FRESNO, CA) Aug 17, 2008

Member since May 2008

So I got to borrow a friend's PSP and games. In his collection was Coded Arms. That PSP never got much usage, because all the other games seriously sucked. Coded Arms was the only game I could really get into and, well, for the most part, enjoy. Sometimes I was barely able to contain my rage at the game (eh, if by barely, I mean, just barely NOT snapping the PSP in half), but for the most part it's a great game.

Its controls are ridiculously easy to learn once you switch to a more usable scheme - the one that puts the "two" digital pads as direction, and the analog stick for selection/reload/zoom. That analog stick is worthless for a FPS since it provides no depth-to-position feedback. After you master the controls, learn to save. Save a lot. Save at the beginning of every level, or more for long levels. Learn to use the map screen to find areas you haven't explored, and the map. It keeps me fully entertained for hours.

The downsides are few. Randomly generated maps are gimmicky and remove any sense of map layout, leaving you often desperately searching for "HEALTH PLZ". All-same-icon ammo pops up for guns you never use, and you don't know you can't pick it up until you do, and it tells you that you can't use it. And possibly the biggest annoyance is that all enemies in a room see you simultaneously, so the only strategy is "KILL EVERYTHING IN ORDER FROM MOST PAINFUL TO LEAST". Sometimes enemies have weapons (like the flamethrower) that are far more powerful than the armor you've acquired to that point, and 2 seconds in front of them will go from full health to dead. Things that just make you rage.

But it'll keep you busy, that's for sure!

(Seriously, Gamefly, why the heck is an asterisk or underscore called "problematic language"?! It's called EMPHASIS!)

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