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not for me

posted by horsumhack (MINNEAPOLIS, MN) Jun 11, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

You may want to take my brief review with a grain of salt since, despite being semi-obsessed with video games, they constantly disappoint me, and even those I like best I consider to have serious flaws and weaknesses. Okay then…

pretty much as it says. i'm strictly a single player gamer and, though this game did make a sort of single player progression that was not bad, the difficulties of the games were sort of erratic and alot of these classic games are sort of, well, boring, so i didn't last terribly long. for the right audience it seems pretty well made, comparatively, to other games of this ilk. of course, that's why i even bothered to try it (i am a slave to good reviews!). but in the end, its a perfunctory sort of game, perhaps something to play with others, and that's about it.

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Great for older kids..

posted by bobnrl (CHICOPEE, MA) Dec 21, 2007

Member since Dec 2007

My son is 9yrs old and thought the game was ok. I think for the older kids it would be more fun.

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Above Average

Lack of options kills this game

posted by madrain (MINNEAPOLIS, MN) Oct 21, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

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Wow. 42 games! Fun, right?

Well, just to give a little warning, this game has almost no options. I mean, they give you a pretty good amount of face icons to choose from, and that's about it. You'll spend forever trying to beat Challenge mode (frustrating) just to unlock some different music. Whenever a game gets close to ending, it plays this frantic music - keep in mind that some games can go on for 20 minutes like this, with the same annoying music blaring away. No option to turn it off.

Most of the games have few or no options to customize them. If you've never played any of these games before, this probably won't bother you. If you're used to playing any of the card games, for instance, forget common house rules being included.

Mahjong in particular annoyed me as all the edge pieces glow with a pulsating yellow light, and there's no option to turn it off. It makes the game more annoying, although quite a bit easier (which may not be a good thing - to me it's not).

Player Speed would have been nice when playing single player, since you'll have to play through Stamp mode in order to unlock all the games. Some of the card games in particular are retardedly fast and it's hard to keep up with what's going on. An option to slow down the computer players would have been wonderful.

A few of the card games are hideous. There's one in particular, I forget if it's pig or spit or what, but there's honestly no need for a human player at all. The game automatically tells you what card you're going to play, your only input being to press okay on your turn, until you find out if you win or lose. No skill to it at all. Also, no fun.

If you're a fan of most of these games, give the game a rent and check it out. I bought it and love it, but I thought there were things about it others might want to know before throwing down their hard-earned cash.


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