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Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force


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Get New Missions

Change the date on your Nintendo DS to holidays: Oct. 31 April 1 Dec. 25 etc. to get new missions.

Defeat Ultimate Proto-Bot

Go onto the gift shop roof and you'll see its head. Use the mecho-duster on its nose and its sneeze will help Blast escape. When you get Blast, go to the Dock and use Blast on the robot. It'll lose its balance and fall in the water, helping Loop escape. Go to the ski village and it'll be spinning like mad. Use Loop to stop it and Flare will fall out. Go to the Beach and it'll be looking for nets. Use Flare to weild its wheels and Flit will come out. The robot will be at the Beacon. When you get there there will be an avlin floating above its head. Use flit to drop it on its head and Bouncer will jump out. The robot will fly to the tallest moutain and you need the jet pack to get it. When you're there it won't notice you and will still be flying so throw a snowball at its back with Bouncer and it'll fall to the ground and Chirp will come out. Use Chirp to smash the puffle chamber and the dome that's holding G. Pop will come out the puffle chamber. Use Pop to get G down and then use the robotomy gadget.

Pass Puffle Training Test

Use Pop to lift the weight and a snow globe with a chest inside will come up and a pinhata will come down. Use Chirp to smash the glass of the snow globe. The chest is frozen so use Flare to cool it down. It'll be to bot so throw a snowball at it with bouncer. You'll be able to open it now. Use Blast to break the pinhata and a Jack-in-the-box will come down. Use Loop to get it under control and a key will be on it. Use the key to open the chest and the puffle traing certifacate will come out with a baloon attached. Use Flit to burst it and your done.