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A story forced into a video game

posted by harryjrgf (HUTTO, TX) Sep 20, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

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First, a disclaimer: I didn't finish the game, nor have I played the first 2 games.

Having said that, this game seems like someone wanted to continue or finish a storyline set by the other games, and didn't worry about little things like smooth playability.

The controls handle much like Resident Evil 2, and that means no updates since that game came out several years ago. The only weapon your character usually has is a bottle of holy water, which has five shots or less. This only temporarily delays your attacker, and you have to refill often.

During "boss battles", which are usually unexpected and also don't let you pause, you do get a mystical bow and arrow, but even the use of that is limited in effect unless you use it in EXACTLY the right way.

The "puzzle solving" aspect of the game doesn't seem to mesh well with the story, in that it doesn't seem like anyone, even a deranged psychopath, would do such things.

There's more than one place in the game where you have to find items x, y, and z, and put them in the proper places to continue. For example, in one area, there is a door "sealed" with barbed wire. You have to find wire cutters on a platform above an auditorium stage, and that's after you find a box of matches. As I said, it doesn't make much sense.

In many places, I had no idea what to do next to proceed. I had to use a walkthrough to speed up my progress through the game. Otherwise, it would either have taken a long time to figure out, or tax my patience to the point where I would put the game down, which is a BIG no-no for video games.

The only attractive part of this game is the visuals presented and the gross-out / creep factor. There are also a few interesting game mechanics here and there.

On the whole, this game could have used at least 6 more months of testing and development to make a DECENT game. This game is barely worth a look

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Above Average

Something fresh yet familiar

posted by Minime (CARSON CITY, NV) Jul 7, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

First and foremost let me say if you are looking for a wet your pants kind of scare this isn't the game. The graphics are good but the killers are the cliched kind of horror flick killers that we all know and no longer fear. That being said the game is fairly interesting especially if you've played the first two.

The story is rather interesting if not slightly predictable, although that doesn't so much ruin the game as bring a sense of expectation to it. While some people may not like the aspect of being near to helpless it helps add to the atmosphere. The only thing you have is your ability to hide and a supply of holy water and lavender water. Holy water can be used to buy you those few precious seconds to escape and hide. The AI is relatively dumb although they have their moments of intelligence. But holy water isn't all you have to help, there are some rare items scattered throughout the game which can buy you those precious saves needed to get away. It truly gives a sense of dread and despair at the fact that you arepowerless against your behemoth enemies.

Now some people say Haunting Ground is similiar to this and it is, but I want to note that Haunting Ground was a knock off of this game as Haunting Ground came out over 2 years after Clock Tower 3 was already finished. That being said Haunting Ground was a pathetic knock off and is hardly worth anyones time.

Lastly the enemies can be difficult to overcome at times especially on harder difficulty modes as your killers will become much faster than you so it becomes more towards strategy and planning ahead in case you find yourself in trouble. While the game holds many flaws and extreme frustration at points it is well worth the time to play at least once. Not a game to keep but a fun one timer.

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A so-so horror game

posted by guns345 (MYRTLE BEACH, SC) Aug 12, 2009

Member since Feb 2007

For some reason this game isn't really scary.When you see your first subordinat you want to say you douchbag after he says he killed a little girl.Some stuff might make you jump 5 cm. out of your seat. there's not a lot left to talk about.
Gameplay:3/10 (it's just you running)
That's all.

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