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Clock Tower 3

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This item will calm Alyssa when her panic meter has risen, it can be found in a glass vile.

Timing the charge for an arrow

If you do not know when to fire the arrow, count ten seconds, then fire. You can also count seven seconds and fire, but it will not be as strong.

Get out of panic mode

To get out of panic mode either use Lavender Water; or while you are running and Alyssa stops, keep pressing X. She will be able to move again.

Get rid of the moth

Although moths may appear as if they are your friends, they are not. If they get near you, either use your Holy Water or keep pressing X and Alyssa will say "Get off".

Locations to hide from Bosses

It can be difficult to find a place to hide or something to use to attack a Boss. The following are locations and items that you can use. REMEMBER: If you are trying to complete the game on a time record do not follow any of these tips.