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posted by Alshchuch (GREAT FALLS, MT) Nov 1, 2007

Member since Aug 2007

Good graphics, got to give them that! The levels are a Little repetitive, and your teem mates dont stay in place when u give them "hold ground" order! That makes it difficult to get through some parts of the game, cause u gotto run around and revive them so u have somebody 2 transfer into in case the karekter u in get shot. And they stay in open and hardily ever seek cover!...U get the rest. Over all not bad game, RENT it.

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Like Halo 3, without the good

posted by Deadend (CHICAGO, IL) Oct 31, 2007

Member since Mar 2005

Jericho is a terrible game.

That just has to be said. It is a mediocre idea, with some deep backstory, that is so ineptly executed, it can cause pain. It has the standard FPS controls, only the acceleration, movement, and everything feels terrible, the iron sights zoom that most games have, is a real zoom in here, the camera just zooms in cropping out things, it feels terribly cheap.

The graphics are extremely dark... and the textures underneath are red, grey, black, and brown.... in shadows, lit by torches.

All the heroes wear black leather, and carry big guns, and speak in one liners.

The combat is dull and boring... With a 7 man team and unique weapons and powers for every one of them... how they made that boring is a testament to the quality of the game at large.

Having exploding enemies spawn on top of you is no help.

The game would have been better as an RPG, but instead it's a terrible FPS game coming out right between Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4... With no multiplayer.

I'd say rent the game, but it sucks, it makes Darkwatch look fantastic.

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Above Average

Repetitive...Could have been better

posted by Recoverx (ELMENDORF AFB, AK) Oct 31, 2007

Member since Oct 2007

All of the characters abilities are insane, but the problem is the game is so hard on normal, because of being overwhelmed, they should have all the abilities from the beginning. You start off with almost nothing except your weapons even though they already know they have powers...Once you have all the abilities towards the end of the game, it gets easier, but the scenery is all the same Castles full of blood guts etc... it gets old fast... It's worth playing till the end, but its only worth a rent, About a 10 hour game if you find Normal as hard as I did, I'm not sure if I'll even do hard to get the Achievements, since they only consist of kills with certain weapons/moves and beating the game on hard.

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