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GF Rating


It's not pinball

posted by btwes45 (CINCINNATI, OH) May 4, 2007

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This game is more like breakout than pinball. It has some nice features, but the graphics, music, and game play are all lacking. I didn't play this game very long, but it was long enough to know I didn't like it. There are some aspects of the game though that I think have some real potential.

The graphics are pretty boring. The ball is a circle that moves around, no sense of motion, more like a hockey puck than a ball. The levels are a little on the bland side and the monsters look bad.

The music...I just turned the music off.

As far as game play goes, the double paddle is kinda cool. Moving the top paddle up and down and tilting it was a good change of pace from normal breakout games but it wasn't really implemented all that well. The ball doesn't ricochet as one would expect and is very hard to control. The levels/mazes seemed like a good idea, but just became annoying since you don't have the fine tuned controls you need to get around them. The monsters are lame, as are the end bosses.

I rented it b/c I thought it was pinball. It's not. I do love breakout though so I was initially happy with it, but then it's flaws started showing and I grew bored and aggravated. Good idea, poor execution.

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GF Rating


Classic Action Devilish, more like Classic Boredom

posted by wyrmwyrm (NEWALLA, OK) Mar 9, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

Oh where to begin. My wife saw this and we both thought that this would be something interesting to play, but seriously all it is is a horrible version of an old style game called Breakout. You probably know the one. You move the paddle back and forth at the bottom of the screen and try to keep the ball from going beneath you to certain death. Along the way, you continuously break blocks. Doesn't sound all that bad except that the levels are horridly long and I tired of the game in less time than it took me to start playing it in the first place. Don't even rent it unless you have a 2 year old and need something to keep them entertained.

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