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Really Bad

Yay, Another Tedious GOW Clone

posted by officeninj (GAINESVILLE, FL) Apr 6, 2011

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Member since Sep 2009

The controls are the same, the enemies look the same, the environments look the same... this game brings nothing new to anyone. The interface is actually way worse and more confusing than GOW. You have to hit swarms of endless, identical enemies until they glow, then do a... soul steal attack? Involving a quick-time event? With only one prompt? And it gives you the enemy's weapon, but only as long as your soul meter is sufficient? Don't ask me to explain further because trying to understand it made my head hurt. Suffice to say you will be bored of this horrible game in 10 minutes.

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Really Bad

Game is for geeks...err...greeks... ... ...

posted by greg137 (CALDWELL, ID) Mar 27, 2011

Member since May 2010

This is a Hollywood game as it has all of the traits!
1. very impressive graphics! (I...uh... think?)
2. very tight resirictions as to what you can do.(extra weapons feel tacked on!)
3. unskippable cut scenes!
4. very high difficulty!
5. evolves quickly into a borrring game(more like chore, actually!)
6. main weapon is a sword(the rest of the weapons are sub weapons, which require soul energy to use!)
7. sacrifice your soul to weild an axe????? or a pair of dual blades??? I know they would be tiring, but requiring soul energy??????(whatever)
There is a good reason this thing is only around $18 dollars!!!! Even that seems pretty steep for this cheap cash cow! If you want to oppose the Greek gods why not just go with god of war?! It would be the same thing in my book! Great movie(saw the old fashion one when I was a kid)..... lousy game!!!

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GF Rating


clash of the titans

posted by jamesT (TINTON FALLS, NJ) Mar 14, 2011

Member since Sep 2010

omg,this game sucks!!! it's one of the most annoying games i played dont't rent.

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