Rent Clash of the Titans for Xbox 360
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Clash of the Titans

Not Rentable
Also on:PS3
GF Rating

865 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Clash of the Titans
Directional Pad
Switch Sub Weapons
Left Thumbstick
Move. Move Cursor.
Right Thumbstick
Move Camera. Switch Targets (When Lock On).
Click Left Thumbstick
Call Support Characters
Click Right Thumbstick
Reset Camera
A Button
B Button
Sub Weapon Attack
X Button
Weak Attack. Speak with NPC.
Y Button
Strong Attack
Left Bumper
Sub Weapon Seize
Right Bumper
Soul Seize. Chain Seize (Hold).
Left Trigger
Reset Camera. Lock On.
Right Trigger
Emergency Evasion
Back Button
Pause Menu