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Clash of the Titans

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Was the movie this boring?

posted by NeonLotus (SANTA CLARITA, CA) Oct 29, 2010

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Clash of the Titans is an interesting one. Had no opinions about it but it looked like it could be fun and, low and behold, it was. I've never played God of War but I've been told game play action is a bit similar though fans of GoW would probably shudder at the comparison.

This wasn't a bad game, I was enjoying it and really getting into the story in the beginning; it made me a little curious to go see the movie. Then, there was this part that came. I won't spoil it but it simply has a lot to do with spending quite a bit of time proving your worth to people in movement restricted contests with wooden swords before 'the big mission.' With as much time as the game spends on this, I would have to expect Perseus proved himself for at least 45 minutes to an hour of screen time. It's silly and ridiculously repetitive. Perhaps it was in front of me all along but the game hides it's repetitive nature well until this part; they just apparently gave up it seems.

Maybe it's a movie game thing; maybe seeing the movie would give reason to the madness. Perhaps Perseus did spend that hour proving himself; whatever the case, it's lead to a repetitive game.

Clash of the Titans has potential with it's fun game play and interesting, Greek mythology behind it but it falls down flat for redundancy.

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I tried, I really did!

posted by DungForever (WESTMINSTER, CA) Feb 20, 2013

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I'm a HUGE fan of Greek Mythology which is why I even rented this game to begin with, but along the way it lost my vote. I got through half of the game before calling it quits. The story strays very far from the actual Perseus myth (though I doubt anyone here actually cares about that). The gameplay isn't bad but can be incredibly repetitive. The most annoying thing is that you don't get to see the enemy's health bar unless they're a boss. Maybe if the game is ever on sale for $10 and I'm SUPER bored, I'll give it another shot but for now, I'm going to pass.

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Better than most movie titles

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Mar 16, 2012

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This game closely follows the recent movie with Sam Worthington, but it does also veer off in its own path in an attempt to create a better gaming experience. There are 10 missions and they will take you more than 8 hours to complete them all, since each mission has a few side quests to complete.

The God of War type action adventurer is actually quite a deep little fighting game. There are surprisingly 50+ sub weapons and powers you can acquire and customize/upgrade, so you'll have lots of options for fighting.

But obviously the budget movie games are solely for promoting the movie. So with that said, graphics are poor, gameplay is laggy and a little stiff, sound quality was poor, and none of the original movie actors wanted to do voice-overs... for obvious reasons. The maps on each mission also recycle for each side quest, so it gets so stale like a day old pizza.

The button masher is designed around having your regular non-upgradable sword, and then 50+ sub weapons that can be slotted with the D-pad. They range from swords, axes, magic, bows, and hammers, etc. You can upgrade them with XP to unlock moves and abilities or improve strength. Most of the weapons have recycled moves also, just like the maps. But it does keep it interesting if you choose to experiment with other sub-weapons.

The 1 difficulty level can be frustrating and cheap at times, but the game is not that difficult. It will yield you some easy achievement points too, which is always a plus for me. To wrap it up, I'd rent only for the gamer points or if you are a giant Greek mythology nerd who loves Clash of the Titans more than anything else.

Milt Drucker

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