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Really Bad

Rating is "Everyone," but should be "3-6 yrs old".

posted by jjohn2478 (CARLSBAD, CA) Apr 26, 2010

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I made the mistake of thinking this may be like Sim City. Boy, was I way off!

You start the game just building roads from one point to another and the buildings pop up on their own depending on how long the road is and how much room is on either side of the road when you finish. Its very boring and it's hard to understand why the game is set up the way it is. The board is very small you have very limited choices as where to go. When you try to select the road piece you want to use, there is only around 5 to choose from so most of the time you have to "spin" the pieces to get the one you want.

Very poorly made, weird concept, and not even little kids would find it fun to play. Sent it back in 5 minutes.

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Just like the guy above, This isn't SimCity

posted by vahdyx (WESTMINSTER, CO) Apr 28, 2010

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I feel under the same impression as the guy above, this game is the furthest from SimCity. I love SimCity games and when I threw this in the Wii, I was not only frustrated that I wasted a spot in my game Q, I was frustrated that this game is almost like Poker with roads. It's luck in a sense that you get the right roads you want.

This review is gonna be short because I just want to save others from making my mistake.

This isn't SimCity or anything close to SimCity.

Don't rent this game if you're looking for SimCity.

If you're interested in a mini game where city building is automatic and that's it.... well this is for you. Not for me, but we're all different.

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This isn't sim city

posted by topace88 (WOODSIDE, NY) May 4, 2010

Member since Mar 2008

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

This is for young kids. This is not a strategy or simulation game.

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