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Chulip. One boy's journey to the heart of a girl.

posted by Sildra (POINT PLEASANT BEACH, NJ) May 17, 2007

Member since Sep 2004

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The graphics in this game are crude, true, but that's to be expected. The game was made a few years ago, only recently has it been brought over... They're charming, true enough, but sometimes they leave a little to be desired...

The main focus of this game is to win the heart of the boy's one true love. Obviously, the only way is to increase your heart's power by making out with anything in sight. Any living critter can earn you a kiss. But not just anyone will kiss you, no no. The conditions have to be right. YOU HAVE TO SNEAK UP ON THEM. Get them when they've dropped their glasses, or are distracted. Intriguing as this is, in practice it can be quite infuriating. Although sometimes it's relatively easy, just sneak up to them... Sometimes characters have set times you can kiss them. And if you run in front of them when trying, you get smacked, hard. There's one section of the game, a playground, where if you don't bother reading an out of the way sign, you'll not know that touching nearly ANYTHING there will kill you.That type of difficulty, that smack you in the face feel, it's inexcusable. You'll be aggravated... But it's so quirky, you'll keep trying.

Adding to aggravation, sometimes the game will leave you with absolutely no clue whatsoever to do. Literally no leads, nothing. How am I supposed to know that the only way to kiss the Doctor is to mix a love potion? This frustration is frequent, unfortunately, taking away from it's natural charm. I recommend this game to all fans of quirky games, like Katamari Damacy... But don't go in expecting a master piece. Expect men dressed as utility poles.

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Very Good


posted by hollyb48 (PITTSBURG, CA) Jun 21, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

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Okay, this isn't an action packed game. Its a puzzle game. If your sick of the same old types of games this game is a welcome change.

You play a boy who wants to kiss his dream girl. In order to kiss her you need to get your reputation up. That involves kissing others but hey the people in your new town arent that easy. You need to solve a bunch of puzzles to earn the chance to even try and kiss someone.
Ok I know what your thinking ...I have to go around a kiss people??? gag. It aint that bad. I didnt think I'd like this game that much but find myself oddly addicted to it.

If you like games liek Pikmin, Harvest moon and games in that nature your sure to love this one.

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posted by Mercury589 (BOYNTON BEACH, FL) May 31, 2007

Member since Nov 2004

2 out of 4 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

I think the game had potential, but fell short. The graphics aren't the greatest, who cares. It's okay, but you have to do a lot of random things to be able to kiss anybody. I feel there should have been hints more in this sort of game. Just know what you are getting into before renting it.

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