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A Cheap Substitute

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Aug 3, 2010

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Chuck E. Cheese’s - Where a Kid Can Be a Kid.
Chuck E. Cheese’s Party Games - Where Only a Kid Can Be a Kid.
This game is a mini game compilation (yes, it’s one of those games) where you collect tickets to get prizes and trophies. Think of it as a cheap alternative to the real deal.
And I do mean cheap - the 14 short games shown here represent the bare bones arcade games where you match pairs, shoot alien invaders from space, toss a basketball into a hoop, spell out words, and so on.
Most of these game are locked - to unlock them, you have to spin the wheel of games. It gets really tough to unlock the last few games (you’ll hit a game that’s already unlocked many times.)
Oh, did I mention all these games requires tokens - and to get the tokens you have to play a pizza topping game where you put the required toppings on top of a pizza to get those tokens? That game can get dull really fast.
And did I mention that there are no multiplayer games in this compilation? You can’t compete directly against any other human players - something that you can do in almost any other mini game compilation.
In a vain attempt to add some shelf life to this compilation, each mini game has four levels on it - but to unlock the last three levels, you have to get certain prizes at the prize counter with tickets you win playing the games.
And to win those and other prizes and trophies, you’ll have to play those 14 games repeatedly. There is a counter on the number of times you play each game, and that counter goes into the tens of millions (I’m not joking here).
Chuck E. Cheese’s Party Games is just a money grab. Unless you love playing really simple games hundreds of times, I say do not go for it. SKIP IT.

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Where a Kid Can Suck Their Balls

posted by noodle37 (JERSEY CITY, NJ) Dec 17, 2011

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This game is stupid and unfair. The controls sucked, or unresponsive, and the games were overall not fun. I do not recommend this game at all. Go to the real place instead. Where a kid can REALLY be a kid.

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