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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Infinite Strength Capsules

When on the black omen, you'll encounter a Blubber Hulk. Have Ayla use Charm on it, which gives you a strength capsule. Run away and go back through the door you came through and repeat as many times as you like.

Infinite Shelters

Go to Guardia Forest in 600 AD and take the first right and go to the upper path. In the small clearing, you'll see a bush in the upper left and when you get near it, it will shake. Press A and a monster will jump out and run away, dropping a shelter. Pick up the Shelter, and then leave the forest and repeat the process until you have as many shelters as you want.

Magus Joins You

After you beat Dalton, someone mentions seeing a Dark Figure on the North cape of the island. Head up there and you will find Magus. Be sure to have Frog on your team. Magus will challenge Frog. Choose "no". Magus will turn his back and you should leave then. Then Magus will stop you and join you for revenge on Lavos.