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Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena


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The Best First person shooter on the PS3...

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Apr 10, 2009

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The Chronicles of Riddick, the Sci-fi story that followed after the movie "Pitch Black", Comes these stories, and yes 'these, there is two story lines under this title. "Assault on Dark Athena" and "Escape from Butcher's Bay". This game will keep you busy for hours and you really loose yourself. The game is not your basic first person shooter. You spend your time using stealth as your weapon, with melee attacks, and you use basically anything you pick up as your weapon. There isn't many games like Chronicles of Riddick, and the controls are very simple and easy to learn.

You play as Riddick, a Furian, last of his kind, who is hunted down for unknown reasons, but being the last from his planet he handles himself well at the odds he faces. Escape from Butchers Bay endeavours Riddick to escape from the most secure maximum security prison in the entire Galaxy. In Assualt on Dark Athena, Riddick finds himself boarding a Mercenary star cruiser called Dark Athena that found him drifting threw space, while he was aboard a rogue ship that Riddick had stolen.

This game is amazing, motion is superb, graphics are astonishing, and if the story doesn't capture you, the gameplay will. Starbreeze and Universal Pictures has made a marvellous game. It is impossible to explain all the functionality this game has to offer. You battle threw high tech corridors using the shadows as your steps. The AI will drive you insane with their hostility and ruthless intelligence. You will not be able to finish this game within one day. Specially when you find the multiplayer grips you just as hard the single player.

Its hard to say what I did not like of Chronicles of Riddick. I try to play a game enough that I can give a idea of what it has to offer. Not with this one, you engage into this game completely, almost like its a role playing game. With a billions of things you can do
(I spent a lot of time shootin out lights)
it is hard to really say just only one detail, when this game is perfect.

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What Lies In Darkness?

posted by KaMaKaZZZ (MIDDLETOWN, RI) Apr 20, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

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Many years ago, in the distant time of 2004, a game known as The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay debued on XBox and blew the minds of players everywhere with its dark story, rich characters, amazing graphics, and most of all its astounding mix of genres, including ACTION, STEALTH, RPG, SUR. HORROR and a variety of others. Assault on Dark Athena is no different. Butcher Bay is still an amazing (and perhaps even better) gaming experience, and a treat for both players of the original and newcomers alike. As for Dark Athena, the gameplay remains the same as its predescessor (and that's a good thing). Multiplayer is very un-original and nothing special, seemingly tacked on as a gimmick; all except the fast-paced Pitch Black mode, where 5 soldiers hunt for Riddick in total darkness with nothing but flashlights mounted to their weapons. Riddick (naturally) can see in the dark, hunting his prey with his razor-sharp Ulak blades. A tense and frightening experience for both sides made surprisingly deep with Riddick having no true safe place to hide and the guards helpless without a team-mate to back them. Also, a minor weapon-balancing system makes no single gun supreme (ie the better the gun, the weaker the flashlight). Only 3 maps limit the experience, but no one should go without playing this unique online slaughter. in fact, no one should go without playing through the entire Riddick experience as a whole.

"Worthy of rent or buy, none should pass this game by!"

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Better then most new games...Rent it!

posted by Horsepower (LA MESA, CA) Apr 11, 2009

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So far I'm half way thru Escape from Butcher's Bay which I've never played. First of all, I'm totally impressed that this game was made in 2004. The gameplay and story is first class. The upgrade in graphics makes this game look like it was made in 2009. I'm totally enjoying this game so far. The truth is, it is better then most new games out now. Surprised that more people are not renting it. Man, they're really missing out. The best part is that when I finish Escape from Butcher's Bay I get to play a sequel on the same disk.

Many of the new games coming out these days are trash but this game rocks. Believe me, rent it and you will also be sucked right into a joyful gaming experience.

I will return and review the sequel. Rent this game people.

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