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Not like Secret of Mana, but a decent game

posted by nlawalker (SEATTLE, WA) Jan 10, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

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If you're looking for Secret of Mana, you won't find it here, and that was disappointing to me. Not having played any of the other Seiken series games besides Secret of Mana and this, it was fun to see the different history and take on the Mana world. I was hoping for "epic adventure" and got "dungeon crawl," but it's a pretty good dungeon crawl if you've got some time to kill.

There's nothing overtly wrong with the gameplay, short of it being a bit repetitive. Pick a dungeon on the map that you have access to, find everything and kill everything as fast as you can. Advancing the story is as simple as picking the newest available dungeon and beating it. If you feel adventuresome, you can do a "dungeon for hire," which is basically a run through of a different dungeon with the same visual theme as one you did before and the promise of some loot at the end. There's no "overworld" or place to explore outside of the maze-like dungeons and the story is just glue between those areas. Your character grows in strength and abilities in a pretty generic way, and there's new weapons, armor and the like to pick up as you go. In fact, this game focuses so hard on the dungeon crawling that it will actually rate you after you finish a dungeon, based on enemies killed, treasure found, time taken, damage taken, etc. and will give you loot based on your rating. Unfortunately, playing through the same levels over and over trying to get a better rating is extremely dull and not worth it.

The graphics and artistic presentation are excellent. Control is good - glad to see they didn't try to shoehorn stylus control in just because they could. Multiplayer isn't something I tried but looks very ambitious.

All in all, a decent game for a plane ride or a long trip. I don't think I'd recommend a purchase, but rent it if you like hack 'n slashers, leveing and finding loot.

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good but...

posted by Venin666 (HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO) Dec 4, 2007

Member since Sep 2007

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This is a great idea for a plot but the play gets repetitive. You can continually hit the attack button and granted you're strong enough any place is a breeze... but on the other hand you might not be strong enough and the enemies will beat you easily, there is no middle ground.

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I Love this Game!

posted by lle1180 (BELOIT, WI) Mar 16, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

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I just love this game. I wasn't so sure about this game when I first came across it. So I gave it a shot, at best if I didn't like it I didn't have to keep it.(Gotta love Gamefly!) I liked the fact that this game wasn't completely dependant upon using the stylus for fighting moves or to even get around. At first game play, I found it hard to get anything done because I kept dying. That was until I found out you could do mission type jobs to earn rewards for completing them all the while gaining experience for defeating monsters. And there was an endless supply of jobs to do once you defeat the bosses in different areas. It wasn't until I built up enough money and experience that I started to really have fun with the game. Especially with fusing gems. I had fun fusing gems together to get different effects when I was equipped with them. Defeating monsters all the time can get a bit repetitive, though.

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