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Chicken Hunter


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Big Gun

At the beginning hurry and scroll to the right clear at the other end. Theres a big tree with a face in the trunk of the tree. Shoot as fast as you can until a golden key appears. Click on it then hurry and scroll back to the begining and shoot the chicken thats by the beehive. At any time you can then go to the big X, shoot it once and thats when a big bad gun pops up. Then hurry and scroll to the left at the begining. Shoot once and scroll with your gun all the way to the right and it kills all the chickens that are on the screen. If you use the arrows on the keyboard plus your mouse you can go alot faster. You can get alot more points if you wait until theres a lot of chickens on the screen befor using the gun. But be sure and watch the time. If you time it just right you will get a good score