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Toy Story!? ;)

posted by gonzo3333 (LAS VEGAS, NV) Jul 16, 2006

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When I got this game, I had no idea it was going to be as fun as it was. Some of my friends were talking about it and I never paid any attention. Then I read about it and was interested, and when I rented it, I was satisfied with the game!

This game took me about 17 hours to beat. It's pretty short, but there are a lot of sidequests. The toys scattered around the house come to life at night, and when the family isn't around them. I actually had no idea about that believe it or not before I rented it and when I played, I thought it was even cooler with the toys talking to you and asking you for favors.

Another thing that surprised me was the story. It was so good. I don't want to say much but towards the second half, it gets so good! The mother is mad at the father for buying their daughter Chibi Robo. It was very expensive, and the father just wanted it himself. I didn't know this storyline would get so far, most of it involving the parents. The daughter, who acts like a frog and can only be understood when wearing the frog costume really makes sense when talked to. I actually almost felt bad for her. But the story is defenitely the best part. It involves...AAhh! I don't want to say! But, maybe there's a little bit of traveling back in time involved, eh! This game is defenitely worth playing, I just had so much fun!

The graphics is probably the only weak point to the game. They don't suck so much that you don't want to play, but the Gamecube could do much better than that. But I also still liked the graphics because it fit with the game, so it's not bad. Also the difficulty might be a little weak. It's a pretty easy game. Some minigames/sidequests are hard, and you might sometimes get stuck, but not really.

The music in this game is good. Especially when moving around at night. And everytime Chibi Robo moves around, he makes a musical note per movement. Really fun!

This game is defenitely worth playing. The story is too good! Play it now!

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posted by Krikonn (WALLA WALLA, WA) Jun 15, 2006

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Chibi-Robo is a game that many people can enjoy, but just don't give it a chance. You play as a 4-inch-tall robot called Chibi-Robo. You're a birthday present for a girl named Jenny. Your goal is to make the family members and living (did I mention those?) toys happy. To do it, you scrub, clean, cook, destroy evil Spydorz, and perform sidequests. Many of the things in the game give you questions, but it all wraps up into one ultimate answer in the end. One of the many things you can do is get costumes for Chibi. You can pose in them with Z. But the two best parts about the game are the storyline and characters. Great storyline, great characters, great gameplay, great game! Rent it!

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posted by colinkurt (CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH) Jul 17, 2008

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I got it and it was really fun. I kept playing it and it was still fun. After about a week I got bored with it. It is fun at first then it is boring. Just consider getting it.

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