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I don't know what it is...

posted by Lloyd132 (WAKE FOREST, NC) Aug 13, 2006

Member since Aug 2005

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But this game is addictive.
I think it's the Legions.
By yourself, it's quite a boring game.
It's the Legions that make it fun.
But, even after you get the last Legion, the fun hasn't even started to close.
Then you have to get that one alll the way back up to Level 4...then your fun realllyyy starts.
Watching everything die in a fire of death is a lot of fun. Just sit back and laugh maniacally.

Get your Legions! Then you can actually have fun playing this game!
The whole point of the game is to decide which legion to take on which level.
And when you take the wrong one, it's frustrating. Since there's no checkpoints.
But it's fun enough to continue playing anyways.

The Levels are kinda...repetitive and not at the same time. I love playing as not Seig, but the other girl. It's been a while, so I don't remember her name. Sorry.
I like shooting everything to death. Bwahahhaa.
The bosses are very good, very well thought out.
Combat is a little repetitive, but with the Legions, bearable.
The story is a little boring.
But the dude who reads out the things is hilarious to make fun of. =D

Play it. You won't be dissapointed.

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one of few action-Hack-n-Slash games must have

posted by Hrofyaltur Apr 1, 2012

iactually i've only played DMC 4 on 2012 and never before heard about it, even abbriviature is confusing me.

Chaos Legion was a challenge, and first level is really make you addicted and intrigued.

Previouse experienve of Legacy of Kain series, which not heard in other reviews was helpful only some times. And CL was only 2nd game of a genre. Devil Stone and so on was third+.

Its all about tactics here, Some levels could even be done in solo, but some are made for exact companions. So should think twice would you grab an nice-looking brute guys, or less evicient but unreplacable in some encounters crossbows/swords. And even fully restored ultimate legion can't argue some times with simple footbomb trick.

Love this game. Sad its not available for PC in legal store.

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Chaos in name only

posted by xXFENRIRXx (CHICKAMAUGA, GA) Aug 3, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

When I read the name Chaos Legion and read the description I expected much more out of this game than what it offered. The straight line running reminds me of those cheesy games i played when i was little and the same attack over and over just get really annoying. You would think the legions would give you higher strength and power but no they actually LOWER your attack power and i found out that most of the time with boss fights and such it's ten times better to fight alone. I mean sure they come in handy when you're in a crowd and with some monsters but other than that they're not that useful. The only legions i fond useful were the flawed and guilt legions. I do not recommend this game at all to anyone unless you like this type of RPG

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