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Champions of Norrath: Realms of Everquest

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Gameplay Controls

Champions of Norrath: Realms of Everquest

Directional Buttons Open quick cast radial menu
X Button Attack/unequip item (inventory screen)
Triangle Button Use special ability (assign in radial menu) / drop item (inventory screen)
Square Button Pick up items / interact with NPCs and objects / open spell book, (Hold and press SELECT) Use gate scroll
Circle Button Use special ability (assign in radial menu)
L2 Button Quaff mana potion
L1 Button Switch equipped melee and range weapons / cycle left through inventory tabs
R2 Button Quaff healing potion
R1 Button Block attacks / cycle right through inventory tabs
Start Button Pause game, options menu
Select Button Character inventory
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Move character
Right analog stick (R3 Button when pressed down) Rotate camera view
R3 Button Open automap

Directional Buttons Menu item selection (up/down)
X Button Select highlighted item
Circle Button Back to previous menu/backspace


Saving Your Game: As you travel through the realms, you will find large stone pedestals with stone spheres on top. These are save points, and they become active when you first approach them. Press the Action Button (Square) to save game.

Portal Travel: As you travel, you will also find stone pedestals with diamond-shaped crystals on top. These are portals; you can teleport from one portal location to another immediately, saving yourself a lot of travel time. Press the Action Button (Square) to see a list of active portals you can travel to, then the X Button to select a portal.

Gate Scrolls: Gate Scrolls will transport you from your current location to a safe point (which safe point depends on what part of the story you are exploring). You must have at least one scroll in your possession to use this option. Hold Square and then press Select to quickly activate a Gate Scroll.

Enhancing Equipment: Some weapons, armor and equipment are upgradable. If so, the equipment will have four empty circles in the pop-up description box. Items like Storm Shards and Firebeetle Eyes can be used as enhancements. In your inventory, pick up the enhancement item by pressing X Button. Go to the equipment inventory and place the cursor over the weapon or armor you want to upgrage. Press the X Button again to add the enhancement.

Tips and Strategies:
Use Gate Scrolls to safely return to town when you are low on supplies or heavy on loot. Make sure to always keep a Gate Scroll in your inventory, as you don't want to get stuck in a dungeon without one!

Don't skimp on health potions. Keep an eye on your health always and use well- timed health potions.

Fight enemies in narrow corridors. Many times, enemies will attempt to overwhelm you with numbers; if you are in a narrow space, they can't all attack you at once.

Keep an eye out for enemies that wield magic, as they are much deadlier than your average character. You can spot magic weapons by the glowing aura around them.

Make sure you keep improving your special abilities. Some skills and spells may seem weak at first. However, if you spend skill points to improve them, they will become much more powerful.