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Should’ve gone with an easier control/racing setup

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Dec 2, 2011

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Okay guys, it is time to head down to the track and place your bets – I mean race horses in Champion Jockey: G1 Jockey and Gallop Racer.
The idea is simple: Pick a horse and race it against the AI for lots of points – and access to better horses and more points.
But this game is hampered by control and racing scheme that makes the race more complicated than it should be. Three types of whips? Really?
Steering the horse with the Nunchuck isn’t that hard – it just takes some getting used to. Jumping over fenced, also not tough (all you have to do is either press the Z button, pull back on the Nunchuck or push forward with the Nunchuck.)
The problem shows up in the overall strategy in winning the race.
The horses are divided up into four types – the frontrunners (where you pace the horse at the head of the pack), the near to front runners (where you want to be second to fourth for most of the race), the near to back runners (where you want to be near the back of the pack) and the late chargers (where you want to hang out at last place).
If you are able to get your horse in the right location, you get potential (a bar fills up), and when you time the final charge to the finish line at the right time, your horse will get a huge burst of speed, and will easily win the race.
But the game doesn’t tell us when I should make that charge to the finish line. Instead, I get confusing numbers like Ideal Distance (whatever that means), and I have to guess when that charge should occur. Guess right: I win. Guess wrong: I lose. It’s that simple.
It also doesn’t help that the story mode has almost no story in it. Some other riders show up and talk a whole lot, but nothing materializes over the conversation.
There’s an option where up to two players can race against each other – but with those confusing controls, it’s luck that determines the winner, not skill.
Champion Jockey: G1 Jockey and Gallop Rider tries to give the real feel of racing horses, but I found almo

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