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GF Rating

67 ratings

Movie Details

  • Release Date 1/3/2006
  • Studio Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
  • Platform PSP Movies
  • Genre Horror

Intense Creature Violence

Movie Description

A group of scientists makes a surprising discovery in a far-off corner of a Romanian forest. They've uncovered a 13th Century Abbey that sits on an entrance to a sprawling underground cave. Biologists speculate that the cave might be home to a new ecosystem. A specialized team of American cave explorers is brought in to find out. Led by brothers Jack (Cole Hauser) and Tyler (Eddie Cibrian), the cave-diving team is the best in the world. They bring a cocky, extreme attitude and plenty of cutting-edge equipment, including a scuba tank with a 24-hour oxygen supply. With help from Charlie (Piper Perabo) and Buchanon (Morris Chestnut), the team dives right in. They quickly learn the biologists were right...there is something new down there...but it's not friendly.

Specs & Requirements

Length 97

Theatrical Release Date 2005

Subtitles Spanish, Portuguese, French, English

Languages English, French

Screen Format 1.78:1