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pretty good but a little boring

posted by sabresbill (BUFFALO, NY) Jan 13, 2007

Member since Dec 2005

6 out of 9 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

the game is pretty good but it is a little boring. the cats eat alot and they sleep alot in the game and they dont really do much of anyhting. you get messages on your pda that you have that tell you to do missions and the only way to make money is to do the missions or if people send money to you and there are only 5 cats to chose from when you start. you can takes pictures of your cat with your pda to i expected it to be a little better than what is is.

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posted by TarynCook9 (WASHOUGAL, WA) Jun 15, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

3 out of 5 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

I know that some of you guys really like this game but, I SURE DIDN'T!! This game is a waste of time! I had just started I had got all prepped up for nothing! This game has a LIST of bad things!

1. This game has bad graphic.
2. This game does not let you do anything like DOGZ.
3. The stupid cat you adopt will not stop complaining!
4. The stupid PDA is always ringing up a message from one of your stupid neighbors!
5. There are NO activities to do!
6. When you finally do something, it is stupid like feeding that annoying cat!
7. This has stupid music!
8. The people who made this game should be ashamed because the game's PDA and Cat won't SHUT UP!
9. It has no challenge to it.
10. It is nothing like owning a real cat. Trust me it isn't because I have three of them!
11. This game is sooo annoying! I can't begin to tell you!!
12. I sent it right back when I first got it because it shut my DS down for a week!
13. Last but not least, low and behold I HATE THIS STUPID GAME IT WAS A WASTE OF MY TIME!

I hope you found this useful. For you people who love this game, keep gaming!

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GF Rating


Worst game of all time!

posted by Serene (SAN CLEMENTE, CA) Jan 19, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

6 out of 13 gamers (46%) found this review helpful

Yes, and I, sadly, mean it.
It's the first game I ever rented from GF, and man did it STINK! You do like, nothing. You basically sit around and just, stare at your cat.
You have to literally sit and wait for a Message on your PDA, and even then it might just be a totally useless message from a neighbor or something.
Plus, even when you get a mission, the person might not even pay you.
I played it for about 30 minutes before realizing what a waste of time it was!
That same day I put it back in its sleeve and sent it back. Yeah, for me, its that bad.
No offense to anyone who enjoyed it, because perhaps someone did, but I don't really enjoy that kind of game.
I suggest that if your like me, and like action/RPG then you should get games like,
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Nintendogs(any and all)
Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door

If you liked Catz, then keep on doing so, but I sure didn't!
Have fun gaming,

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