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Also on:PS2, GBA, Xbox
GF Rating

75 ratings

Gameplay Controls


Fighting: Catwoman can wreak havoc on enemies with ruthless Capoeira moves. To attack, hold L Button to crouch and move the C-Stick to kick.

Climbing: To climb, crouch at the base of a wall and move the Control Stick towards it, or jump onto the wall when running upright. To jump off the wall, hold the R Button. To jump to an opposite wall and continue climbing, hold R Button.

Pole Jumping: Jump onto a pole by pressing R Button. When hanging, press L Button to swing, and then press R Button to jump off. Release L Button to stop swinging. While hanging, move Control Stick Down to drop off, Up to jump onto the pole, or Left/Right to turn around.
You can also combine Pole Jumping with Whip moves. To jump onto a pole above the one you are standing on: Climb on top of the pole, jump, then use the whip to grab the pole above you by pressing C-Stick Up. When hanging, move C-Stick Up to climb the whip and hang from the pole.

Cat Sense: Cat Sense heightens your perception of the environment, giving you better intuition and increased senses. To activate, press and hold Z Button to enter Hunting mode, and move C- Stick to look around. You will be able to see hidden or remote targets, as well as scent trails and Midnight's paw prints.

Domination Bar: The Domination Bar on the left side of the screen indicates Health and Power levels, and gets depleted as Catwoman is attacked. If the Bar reaches 100 percent, it will flash to show you that you can trigger Domination Mode by pressing the Y Button. When activated, Catwoman's abilities, speed and strength are enhanced for a time.

Control Stick Highlight menu item
Control Pad Highlight menu item
A Button Select
B Button Back/cancel

Control Stick Move
Control Pad Camera control
Z Button Hunting mode (press and hold)
L Button Crouch/combat mode
R Button Jump
C Stick 360 degree whip controls and combat moves (when holding L Button)
Start/Pause Pause
Combo #1 Hold L Button while moving character = Run on all fours
Combo #2 L Button + R Button = Roll/dodge bullets

A Button Pose
B Button Taunt
Y Button Domination mode toggle