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Catherine Review

posted by Alex_Martinet (SAN JOSE, CA) Aug 15, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

Developed by Atlus, Catherine has made the jump to the U.S markets from Japan where it was known as ????? Kyasarin. What we got here is a treat for both fans of anime and for those who are looking for something different, because this is something you never played before. Catherine, is about Vincent who works in the tech industry and spends late nights with his friends at a bar. Vincent's love life revolves around his girlfriend Katherine (That’s Katherine with a “K”) who he has been dating for several years. Katherine wants to take the relationship to the next level but Vincent is unsure of what to do.

The main plot in Catherine takes off when an attractive, seductive blonde enters Vincent's life (That would be Catherine with a “C”). After a late night at the bar with Catherine, Vincent wakes up next to the hot blonde. He realizes that he cheated on Katherine and thus begins his quest to get out of this situation that he has found himself in. Should he be faithful to Katherine and marry her? Or pursue a relationship with Catherine in whom he is mildly interested?

Catherine's strong point is presenting mature themes that aren't often in found games. Themes of marriage and being single are rarely touched in video games and make this one of the most mature games on the market. But when you get into how the game plays and into the story, you'll realize that there's a lot more to it than just plot. Every time Vincent completes a stage during his nightmare, he is subjected to questioning about his decisions. This is one of the few games that makes gamers ask about their love life. Those who are honest, will find Catherine to be a more immersive experience than some were expecting. From the difficult puzzles, to the conversations to partake in, and choices to make, Catherine packs a lot.

Catherine has a few problems that keep it from being a great game; Catherine's story will take you six to seven hours to complete making Catherine a short experience.

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GF Rating


Good game!

posted by Lizzy (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Aug 15, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

This is a very good game Would recomend it to others. But only people who like puzzle games or anime.
Catherine is a very challenging game! Oh wow I cant even tell you how much I wanted to just snap the disk lol. But I didnt I figured it out it took me a few hours but I did. And im glad to say I beat it within 27 hours... :) So In other words get the game, try it, get mad, then love it...

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GF Rating


Gooooood story line.

posted by Cobra2o2 (Pasadena, MD) Aug 14, 2011

Member since May 2011

The game itself is very simplistic, its got to do with climbing this tower of blocks and the tower gets harder and harder the higher up you go all the while its falling down around you and things chase you up as well. Its still just a puzzle game although its storyline is what got me hooked. Its very in depth and interesting. I find myself just flying through the puzzles of blocks so I can find out what happens next in the story. Its about a guy whos girlfriend wants to take their relationship to the next level but he just wants things to stay as is. Its a game that most guys can relate to. Try it out for yourself, I dont want to give too much away!

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