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GF Rating

Very Good

Different and Refreshing!

posted by GameboyKnight (ORLANDO, FL) Sep 20, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

"Catherine" is a puzzle thriller that takes the player into the twisted story of Vincent and his girlfriend Katherine as well as a mysterious girl by the name of Catherine.

The game contains a story-mode that is single player and features three sections of gameplay as well as 4 modes of difficulty. The first section is the "meat" of the game which are the actual puzzles. The puzzles consists of a tower of blocks that the player must move and climb to reach the top. As time goes by the bottom of the tower slowly drops out, so the player must scale quickly. Doing so, raises the multiplier by 1 and gives the player a bonus at the completion of the stage.

As the player progress, new types of blocks are introduced to make the game more difficult, such as blocks that are made of ice and cause the player to slide all the way to the end of a row, or blocks that shoot spikes up at the player killing them instantly. Adding to the changing blocks, the player will encounter other sheep scaling the tower that will move blocks, stand in their way, or even try to knock them off of the tower.

The story mode contains 8 "Nights" which are different themes or "floors". At the end of each floor is a boss tower in which the player is chased by a unique boss according to the story of the day.

Second section of the game follows the end of a non-boss stage called Landings where the player can talk to other Sheep, learn techniques, buy items and answer a question that greatly effects their Meter.

Finally, the final section is the Stray Sheep Bar. Here the player can effect the story by talking to customers and helping them with their problems, answering text messages dependent on storyline, or playing an arcade game stylized after the Nightmare Puzzles named "Rapunzel".

The game utilizes a meter that changes based on decisions and text messages and ultimately effects the story progression and leads to 7 different endings.

There are two multiplayer modes and a story-less puzzle mode.

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GF Rating


Interesting concept, but could do w/o the drama

posted by SmallPototoes (GROVETOWN, GA) Sep 20, 2011

Member since May 2011

First, let me say that I would recommend Catherine to any gamer looking for an intense, heart-pounding, puzzler. Climbing stacks of bricks to escape a demonic girlfriend wielding a massive salad fork is, well, nothing short of unique and memorable. However, the action slams to a halt and drags during the cut scenes. This is the reason I would caution any gamer to try this title.

The core game is like playing reverse, hardcore Tetris. But this puzzle solving cant stand alone like Tetris, so you have to sit through some long, annoying, loud, and generally uncomfortable, anime cutscenes. So, even if you can escape the demons in your dreams you can't escape the dull, dry cutscenes where our protagonist whines and bleats to himself and his Catherines...Katheri...whatever.

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GF Rating

Very Good

A Unique Puzzle Experience

posted by KingofKingz958 (SANTA CLARA, CA) Sep 18, 2011

Member since May 2011

Catherine is a game unlike anything currently on the market this year. With interesting characters, tense moments, story themes rarely seen in gaming, all presented in anime style cutscenes, this unique game is an experience unlike any other this year and exactly what the doctor ordered for the gamer who has grown tired of this FPS dominated era of gaming.

I don't want to spoil the story here, since it is one of the best parts of the game. You play as Vincent Brooks, a man who is apprehensive to getting married to his long time girlfriend Katherine. As she starts pressuring him to propose, he begins having strange nightmares, which comprise the puzzle gameplay of Catherine. The story is a definitely shift from the high octane action stories gamers are used to. This story grabbed me because the story felt very real and personal, a feeling I almost never get from modern day games. You will definitely be on the edge of your seat several times, and some of the twists are very entertaining. A definite high point for this game. However it's not for everyone, especially people who are not into watching anime art styles. Also, it may not grab gamers who love the story of COD or Gears of War. This is real storytelling and character development.

The nightmares Vincent has is where the game is a puzzler. You move blocks, positioning them so you can advance upward. The mechanics are interesting and with Many different block types, the difficulty can definitely make the game a challenge. In fact, even the Easy difficulty can get pretty challenging. I would definitely only recommend the Hatd difficulty for experienced puzzle gamer, otherwise prepare to be frustrated.

Catherine Is for the gamer who is looking for something new and different. It explores relationships and romance, themes that are nearly never explored in gaming. The puzzle gameplay is entertaining and challenging. I definitely recommend this game to those who are looking
for a great story.

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