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Above Average

a one of a kind experience

posted by Sweedie (MOUNT PLEASANT, SC) Jul 25, 2011

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Catherine is a completely new kind of game were you play as a 32 year old man that seems kinda bored on his life with a girl freind named Katherine (with a K) that is strict and is constantly talking about getting married and getting kids, but your character is not much for that.

But one day things changes when a drunken girl sits next to him in a bar, the girls name is Catherine (with a C). Later he wakes up and he sees this girl laying next to him and after that things gets really complicated.

Most of the time you will spend is in his dreams were he always has to complete this challenges to experience the next day. These challenges are a little like puzzles, You have to draw the right boxes to reach the top or other kinds of things while something/someone is hunting you.
When youre not playing in the dreams you are usually in the bar hanging with youre friends or just messin around talking to others.

The game is a one of a kind and fantastic if you are tired of this shooters or you might just want to try something new. As a puzzle game this game gets a 10 of 10 toasts but as a game overall it gets 7 toasts.

But notice this game is hard even on the easiest difficulty so if you cant handle games were you die a lot this is not a game for you if you dont pay attention for a few seconds you might die.

The game is though fun and you always want to know whats happens next and that gives you a good motivation to keep on playing the game

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Technique is key!

posted by StonyFace (PHOENIX, AZ) Oct 21, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

3 out of 5 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

This game from Atlas is a total mind bender! If your the gamer who loves puzzles, a challenge for once this is the game to rent if you can't rent anything from your top 5 Q. I took me 3 days to complete the campaign on normal, at first I thought I'm an experienced gamer so I tried the hardest. WRONG! Because there are so many different techniques its hard to complete everything under a curtain time. Your constantly being chased up the tower by a Boss or the level falling apart underneath you. This was a fun game though if you don't get frustrated from dying all the time but if your up for the challenge definitely rent this game (Catherine) I give this game a 7-10

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Amazing Strategy Game!

posted by Codione01 (NATRONA HEIGHTS, PA) Oct 20, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

3 out of 5 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

This was an absolutely amazing game by Atlus. From the gameplay, animations and graphics, or even suspense the games provides I can't say much of anything wrong with this game. Not only is this game great if your into strategy games but this also lets you get away from the mainstream shooters for awhile. Also there are 8, count them, 8 ending possibilities to this game depending on how you interact with people throughout the game, Overall one of the best games I've played in a long time I highly recomend it to any played into a good storyline.

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