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Breath of fresh air

posted by AoWdemon (BLUE SPRINGS, MO) Jul 27, 2011

Member since Jun 2007

37 out of 45 gamers (82%) found this review helpful

Catherine is not like any other game on the market today, to me this is a breath of fresh air from the main games that we see over and over again. Catherine is a puzzle game at heart but has a great story to go along with, like what you would expect from any Atlus game.

I won't explain the story since others have already done so here, but one tip I will give is if you expect an easy cakewalk through the game think again. As expected from a game made by Atlus the difficulty does increase pretty quick and I've only played on Easy so far (I heard it was pretty hard so I figured I'd start on easy). I was getting Gold for a long time and foolishly thought to myself "Well this is easier then I thought it would be." And then I started dying more frequently and started getting Bronze and Silver in all the of the puzzles. But don't let the difficulty discourage you, I kept playing till I got through each night because I wanted to see more of the story.

The sound is great, similar type of music from other Atlus games. The Persona team made this so that makes perfect sense, the Jukebox in the bar also has some old favorites to unlock :D. The voice acting is also a strong point, and many old favorites return in this category as well.

If you're a fan of Atlus games I'd for sure give this a rent at the very least. If you have no clue what Catherine is I still think you should try it. It's not everyone's type of game but it is a great one.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Puzzle it up!

posted by BadAnime (MIDLAND, MI) Aug 30, 2011

Member since May 2007

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

So, starting off, one might thing, "Yeah, bout time America got a romance type visual novel!" Then you open the box, put the game in and find that it isn't that cut and dry. It is different. I will give it that much. I enjoyed the few hours of puzzle and decision making that didn't amount to much until the end. No spoilers but the puzzles were engaging. The backwards function on the back button my Xbox Remote got used. A LOT.

The graphic novel part was interesting. At first it's just weird, but beyond a certain point, it gets almost engaging and then takes a turn I didn't expect. Vincent, the main character, ends up becoming a beacon of hope for those he chooses to help.

At first, it almost seemed infantile to think about moving blocks to climb, but then it becomes a session of planning, looking ahead, and a lot of, "Oh snap, that (monster from final stages before waking up) almost jacked me good!"

Lip sync sorta sucked, but it was because it was in Japanese first. Translation were pretty decent, but not perfect. There was a lot of swearing that I am not particularly accustomed to, but not really strong against either and the endings were completely dependent on the final string of questions for your ending. I found that pretty lame.

It was fun. It was engaging. I didn't walk away form it angry and it felt like it was a nice breathe of... well... different air. I hope to see another in the future. Maybe a little more content and it would be PERFECT!

Here is a great idea, in case Atlus reads this, give me the choice to play any guy at the table and you can call it a PRPG.

Lasting Power.....5
Replay Value......5


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GF Rating


Its been a long time coming.

posted by Nosferocktu (OCEANSIDE, CA) Jul 26, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

14 out of 20 gamers (70%) found this review helpful

I picked up Catherine expecting what most people would think is a mediocre puzzle game that has sub par graphics and a horrible plot line. I could have not been more wrong. Sheep, crazy love triangles, gorgeous visuals and one of the most awe inspiring story lines I have ever played through. The game wasn't easy at all either. Making you think on your feet moving blocks around while a 100 foot demonic girlfriend with a salad fork tries to stab you to death is my idea of innovative. This should defiantly be on anyone's list if you like puzzle games and /or anime.

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