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posted by erocker (SYRACUSE, NY) Jul 29, 2011

Member since Feb 2004

2 out of 5 gamers (40%) found this review helpful

Catherine is in my top 3 favorite games ever played no doubt, right there with god of war 3 and MY ALLTIME favorite PORTAL 2!! but ....catherine is omg amazing! i sat down on wednesday morning when the extremely anticipated game finally came in the mail and i played from 6pm-1230pm , and was shocked at how good it was and i couldnt wait to get home from drivers ed the next day and be able to put it in and finish it off!! the game was released on tuesday and i had it beat on thursday, quite possibly the best game i have ever played, i recommend to all , that maybe you may not want to give it $60 out of your pocket, but atleast give it a spot in the Game Q, IT IS SO WORTH IT, you will be sucked right in!


oh and it has 8 different endings so if you like as much as i do and want to platinum it, it has a high replay value, because i hated the ending of mine...i got the sad ending...):

but otherwise GREAT GAME!!!!!!!!!!

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What a letdown...

posted by Gurnett (BUFFALO, NY) Jul 29, 2011

Member since Dec 2010

11 out of 31 gamers (35%) found this review helpful

I've been a huge fan of Atlus games for years and I had this game at the top of my Game Q for months. I was so excited that I was able to get the game right after it came out. Then, I played it.

As much as I'd like to enjoy this game, it's just not any fun. The 'sleep' puzzles are more annoying (leading me to grind my teeth in stress) than fun. The 'awake' portion of the game is even worse. They have what is the equivelant to the good/evil system that Infamous has, but it's based on things like what you text message your girlfriend with. They give a selection of 3 or 4 text choices per line of text, without offering the kind of freedom that a modern video game should.

What a drag. I'm glad I got it on Gamefly instead of buying it.

~ SirWilliamIdol (check me out on Twitter to see my "quicky" video game and movie reviews).

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GF Rating

Very Good

in love with Catherine

posted by ChrisInDC (UPPER MARLBORO, MD) Jul 25, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

3 out of 8 gamers (38%) found this review helpful

It's always nice to see a game developer breaking away from the majority and Catherine does that in a big way. The extreme difficulty is going to put off a very large amount of people but there is a heck of an experience here if you only have the patience for it. During a time when developers are scared of creating anything that isn't a FPS million dollar seller, the fact Atlus managed to publish something as special as this is truly commendable and I'm so happy it came to the US. Best of all, it's not just a weird game, it's a great one, too.

Catherine is a sexy adult themed game, both the characters and the story. The tower climbing puzzles can be really frustrating so if you don't appreciate a challenge you might not like this game as the majority of gameplay is the tower puzzles. If you do enjoy a challenge you will love the feeling of accomplishment when you reach the top of the puzzles. One will especially appreciate the style and setting if anime is their thing. As in most anime some of the characters are very awkward but also hilarious.

The only other aspect of gameplay mostly takes place in the local bar, where you can talk to people and send text messages on your cell phone. You cycle through different responses you want to send on your cell phone which then affects your experience in the game with other characters as there are different endings. There is also a mini game where you can practice the block puzzles they throw at you in the story. Thats how you know it's hard, they give you a mini game of the same thing.

There really is not much here on the surface, it is repetitive but look deeper and you will find that through a fantastic setting and style this game can pull you in and drag you along for the ride.

If you are craving for something different and enjoy a good challenge you will love this game.

Might be a bit high but in a summer of bad games this is a needed breath of fresh air!
game is definitely 18+
Thanks for reading

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